Design and construction of long-distance HV transmission systems

The design, construction and operation of long-distance high voltage electricity transmission technologies
Transmission line voltage is normally 115,000 volts (115 kilovolts [kV]) or higher. In contrast, primary distribution lines generally reach distances of no more than a few miles, although in rural areas they... Download //
Operation and Maintenance of a 220/132KV Substation

Operation and Maintenance of a 220/132KV Substation

This mini project covers the important equipments and their function in a 220/132KV power substation. And also an attempt is made to cover the general maintenance of substation and checks the observations to be... Download //
Electrical Design of 132/33KV Substation (on photo: Construction of 132/33kV Substation

Electrical Design Of 132/33KV Substation

The project work assigned to us was to design a 132/33 KV EHV substation. We considered incoming power at 132 KV and the power was transferred to main bus through isolator-circuit breaker-isolator combination... Download //
Power Plant Horror Stories - The Loss Of a Generator

Power Plant Horror Stories - The Loss Of a Generator

Generators are the most expensive piece of equipment in a power system. The cost of a major generator failure to a utility or IPP (Independent Power Producer) owner is not only the cost of repair or replacement... Download //
On Construction Sites - Industry Standard

Electrical Installations On Construction Sites

Electrical hazards are a major cause of death and serious injury on construction sites. This industry standard provides practical guidance to employers, designers, manufacturers, importers, suppliers (including hirers)... Download //
Basics Of AC Electrical Generators

Basic Knowledge Of AC Electrical Generators

This training module has been developed to provide you with information pertaining to devices known as Basic AC Electric Generators. The information in this training module is designed to increase your knowledge... Download //
Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation by Tony R. Kuphaldt

Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation

Instrumentation is the science of automated measurement and control. Applications of this science abound in modern research, industry, and everyday living. From automobile engine control systems to home thermostats... Download //
Study Guide to Electrical Safety Basics

Study Guide to Electrical Safety Basics

This study guide describes the hazards of electrical work and basic approaches to working safely. You will learn skills to help you recognize, evaluate, and control electrical hazards. This information will prepare you... Download //
Concepts in Electric Circuits For Engineers Beginners

Concepts in Electric Circuits For Engineers Beginners

There are five chapters in this book highlighting the elementary concepts of electric circuit analysis. An appendix is also included which provides the reader a mathematical tool to solve a simultaneous system of equations... Download //