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Sizing and protection of the neutral conductor (2)

Continued from the first part – Sizing and Protection of the Neutral Conductor (1) If the neutral conductor is correctly sized (including harmonics), no specific protection of the neutral conductor is required because… Read more

Jul 31, 2012 | Edvard

Sizing and protection of the neutral conductor (2)

Sizing and protection of the neutral conductor (1)

Sizing (c.s.a.) and the protection of the neutral conductor, apart from its current-carrying requirement, depend on several factors, namely: The type of earthing system, TT, TN, etc. The harmonic currents The method… Read more

Jul 30, 2012 | Edvard

Sizing and protection of the neutral conductor

Overvoltages in the IT system

Electrical networks can be subject to overvoltages of varying origins. Some overvoltages, such as differential mode ones (between live conductors) affect all the earthing systems. These overvoltages are particularly taken into account by… Read more

Jul 26, 2012 | Edvard

Single insulation fault on a network operated in IT earthed system

Bus Design In Aboveground Substations

Substations can be constructed partly or entirely within aboveground or belowground enclosures. However, cost is high and complexity is increased by fire-protection and heat-removal needs. The following discussion deals with exposed aboveground… Read more

Jul 21, 2012 | Edvard

Gas insulated switchgear (GIS) - Siemens

Effect of Lightning Strike on Electrical Lines

The foregoing discussion concentrated on the principles of lightning strikes and how their effects can be mitigated. However, lightning strikes on electrical lines or substations are those that cause problems in the… Read more

Jul 20, 2012 | Edvard

Effect of lightning strike on electrical lines
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