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Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of EEP. Highly specialized for design of LV/MV switchgears and LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations, commercial buildings and industry fascilities. Professional in AutoCAD programming. Present on

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Oxidation Of Conductors

High-resistance oxides form very quickly on aluminum and copper conductors expose to air. Once the oxides are stabilized, they prevent further oxidation of the parent metal; however, due to this… Read more

Jan 16, 2011 | Edvard

Oxidation Of Conductors

Information flow in the human-machine interface

Operators play an important part in the human-machine dialogue.They must use the information they have to perform actions that make the machines and installations run properly without endangering safety and… Read more

Jan 15, 2011 | Edvard

Information flow in the human-machine interface

Security for Substation Communications

Until recently the term “security,” when applied to SCADA communication systems, meant only the process of ensuring message integrity in the face of electrical noise and other disturbances to the… Read more

Jan 13, 2011 | Edvard

Security for Substation Communications

Gas-Insulated Transmission Line – GIL

The gas-insulated transmission line (GIL) is a system for the transmission of electricity at high power ratings over long distances. In cases where overhead lines are not possible, the GIL… Read more

Jan 12, 2011 | Edvard

Gas-Insulated Transmission Line - GIL

SCADA Security Attacks

SCADA systems are used to control and monitor physical processes, examples of which are transmission of electricity, transportation of gas and oil in pipelines, water distribution, traffic lights, and other… Read more

Jan 10, 2011 | Edvard

SCADA Security Attacks

Reasons for Substation Grounding System

There are many parameters that have an effect on the voltages in and around the substation area. Since voltages are site-dependent, it is impossible to design one grounding system that… Read more

Jan 09, 2011 | Edvard

Reasons for Substation Grounding System

Renewables And The Impact On Environment

Alternative energy sources, especially with regard to air emissions. The likely life-cycle emissions (taking into account fuel cultivation, harvesting, collection, transportation and processing, as well as power plant construction, operation… Read more

Jan 08, 2011 | Edvard

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