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Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of EEP. Highly specialized for design of LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations, buildings and industry fascilities. Designing of LV/MV switchgears.Professional in AutoCAD programming and web-design.Present on

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The Basics of Electrical Bus Protections

Overcurrent, Differential and Undervoltage When we examine electrical protection schemes, the best place to start is with electrical bus protections, as they are the easiest to protect. They utilize the fundamental concept of the overcurrent relay (Figure 1)…. Read more

Sep 05, 2015 | Edvard

The Basics of Electrical Bus Protections (Overcurrent, Differential and Undervoltage)

3 Conditions That Can Damage Your PLC

PLC in adverse conditions In certain applications, the operating environment may have extreme conditions that require special attention or otherwise can seriously damage PLCs. These adverse conditions include excessive noise and heat and nuisance… Read more

Aug 31, 2015 | Edvard

3 Conditions That Can Damage Your PLC

19 Essential Information You Can Find On Motor Nameplate

Understanding motor’s nameplate Motor nameplate is normally located on all produced electric motors. Understanding nameplate information can be hard sometimes, but is essential. In most countries it is a requirement for manufacturers to display… Read more

Aug 29, 2015 | Edvard

19 Essential Information Found On Motor’s Nameplate

Electrical Design Project Of a Small Bakery

Electrical System of Bakery A small bakery with just a counter and storage areas is simple to design. The electrical design follows the layout for a house, but care must be taken on loading factors if direct-acting… Read more

Aug 26, 2015 | Edvard

Electrical Design Project Of a Small Bakery