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Super Capacitors – Different Than Others (part 2)

Continued from first part: Super Capacitors – Different Then Others (part 1) Equivalent circuit How to measure the capacitance? Charge Method Discharge Method Measure Capacitance Capacitor types Advantages of the supercapacitors Super… Read more

Mar 01, 2013 | Electronics

Super Capacitors - Different Then Others (part 2)

Super Capacitors – Different Than Others (part 1)

Capacitors store electric charge. Because the charge is stored physically, with no chemical or phase changes taking place, the process is highly reversible and the discharge-charge cycle can be repeated over and over… Read more

Feb 23, 2013 | Electrical Lectures

Different then others - Super Capacitors

The Future of MOS-Controlled Thyristor (MCT)

The MCT is type of power semiconductor device that combines the capabilities of thyristor voltage and current with MOS gated turn-on and turn-off. It is a high power, high frequency, low conduction… Read more

Jan 01, 2013 | Electronics

MOS Controlled Thyristor

Under the Hood of Light Detector

Detectors of electromagnetic radiation in the spectral range from ultraviolet to far infrared are called light detectors. From the standpoint of a sensor designer, absorption of photons by a sensing material may… Read more

Feb 24, 2012 | Electronics

Light Detectors - Introduction And Purpose
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