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How to Maximize Chiller Efficiency?

Chillers are the single largest energy-using component in most facilities, and can typically consume over 50% of the electrical usage. Chillers use approximately 20% of the total electrical power generated in North… Read more

Sep 04, 2012 | HVAC

How to Maximize Chiller Efficiency? (on photo Carrier Chiller Water Cooled)

Potential Energy Savings In Utility Buildings Using EIB

Flexibility, utilisation value and energy saving are the three main requirements for utility buildings (administration, office and public buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.). Apart from recouping investment costs, so-called life-cycle costs are also… Read more

Jan 11, 2012 | Energy Efficency

ABB - Intelligent building control and energy savings with i-bus ® KNX

How heat pump works?

The heat pump transfers the heat between the heating/cooling distribution system and the earth connection. It is the basic building block of the GSHP system. The most common type of heat pump… Read more

Jun 10, 2011 | HVAC

The Refrigeration Cycle (Heating Mode) of a Typical Packaged Heat Pump Unit.

Energy Efficency In Hospitals – Cogeneration (6)

Cogeneration is combined generation of heat and electricity. The advantage of cogeneration is that it enables the heat released by electricity generation to be used. The most well-known form of cogeneration is… Read more

Jan 02, 2011 | Energy Efficency

Hospital HVAC - Cogeneration
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