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What’s important for water power designer to make the Right Choice of a Turbine

Right Choice The water power designer has to make a choice on the type of turbine that can be adopted for a particular project. After the range of head to be handled by a turbine has been evaluated by stream flow analysis and the installed capacity determined from the analysis of the power-generating capacity of […]

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General Arrangement of Hydropower Powerhouse

Introduction to Powerhouse In general, a powerhouse in hydropower plant may be divided into three areas: The main powerhouse structure, housing the generating units and having either separate or combined generator and turbine room, Erection bay, and Service areas. 1. Main powerhouse structure The generator room is the main feature of the powerhouse about which […]

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Micro Hydro Power Plant With Automatic Frequency and Excitation Control

Introduction First of all, I am very glad to say that our project was successful. It is hydro power plant which was completed totally by our five members team namely me, Chitransh Shrivastava, Akshay Tiwari, Pranjan Lele, Pankaj Sonwane and special thanks to Mr. Arvind Solanki. Our motive for making this prototype is to express […]

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7 reasons to fail with small hydro-power development

What to do to fail? The main reasons for lack of success with small water power development are: Failure to realize how important full field data is for proper design. Failure of homemade equipment made with junked parts. Over-estimating the amount and constancy of the stream flow. Penstocks or flumes that are too small to […]

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Diverting the River Flow With Dam

Content Introduction to Dams Dam Characteristics Embankment Dams Homogeneous dams Zoned embankment dams Embankments dams with membrane Concrete Dams Gravity dams Buttress dams Arch and Cupola dams Other Dam types Missouri River Dam in South Dakota (VIDEO) Introduction to Dams Dams and weirs are primarily intended to divert the river flow into the water conveyance […]

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Planning of Hydroelectric Facilities

Siting (Location) Hydroelectric plants are located in geographic areas where they will make economic use of hydraulic energy sources. Hydraulic energy is available wherever there is a flow of liquid and head. Head represents potential energy and is the vertical distance through which the fluid falls in the energy conversion process. The majority of sites […]

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Lester Allan Pelton – The father of hydroelectric power

Pelton was born in Vermilion, Ohio, in 1829. At age 20 he set out by foot to cross the plains and strike it rich. The first fourteen years he spent mining and wasn’t very successful. He moved to Camptonville and turned to carpentry, built homes, a school house, mine structures, and water wheels, eventually becoming […]

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What would be the cost of micro hydro plant?

In the examples examined in the five countries, the capital cost13 of micro hydro plants, limited to shaft power, ranged from  US$714 (Nepal, Zimbabwe)  to US$1,233 (Mozambique).  The average cost is US$965 per installed kW which is in line with the figures quoted in some studies.  The installed costs for electricity generation schemes are much […]

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Arrangement of Hydropower Plants

Power Conversion Hydropower machine is the designation used for a machine that directly convert the hydraulic power in a water fall to mechanical power on the machine shaft. This power conversion involves losses that arise partly in the machine itself and partly in the water conduits to and from the machine. The discharge operating a […]

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How to determine the hydropower available at site

To determine the power available at a site, head and flow measurements must be taken. Flow is the rate at which water moves, measured in liters per minute (I/m) or gallons per minute (gpm). This can be measured by channeling the water into a pipeline, then into a container of a known volume, noting the […]

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