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3 Photovoltaic Installation Terms To Be Familiar With

Photovoltaic (PV) installation In order to understand a photovoltaic (PV) installation and its components we must be familiar with the following terms: Standard Test Conditions (STC) PV modules PV string and Array 1. Standard Test Conditions (STC) The output of a PV module is not stable it depends on irradiation, temperature etc., thus, we need fixed […]

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Calculation Example of Small Photovoltaic (PV) Residential Stand-Alone System

Example – Array Size: 10, 12-volt, 51-watt modules; Isc= 3.25 amps, Voc= 20.7 volts – Batteries: 800 amp-hours at 12 volts – Loads: 5 amps DC and 500-watt inverterwith 90% efficiency. Description The PV modules are mounted on the roof. Single-conductor cables are used to connect the modules to a roof-mounted junction box. Potential reverse […]

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Fossil fuels are almost gone… Solar Energy? Hell Yes!!

Infinite energy resource Solar energy is not a finite resource as fossil fuels are. While the sun is up there it constantly produces all the energy we can use. Reduced maintenance costs While not maintenance free, what technology really is? Once solar panels, wind or water power facilities are in place, no fuel or lubricants […]

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Solar energy is free, but what does it really cost?

What’s the Real Cost? “Solar energy is free, but it’s not cheap” best sums up the major hurdle for the solar industry. There are no technical obstacles per se to developing solar energy systems, even at the utility megaWatt level (e.g., 14 MW utility scale PV system at Nellis AFB or a 64-MW CSP system […]

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Photovoltaic End-Use Application Markets

Photovoltaic Projects Photovoltaic markets can be classified based on the end-use application of the technology. The most common PV projects are off-grid applications. Water pumping also represents an important application of PV, particularly in developing countries. The largest long-term market potential for PV, in volume of sales, is with on-grid applications. On-Grid Applications In grid-connected […]

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How solar collectors works?

Solar energy (solar radiation) is collected by the solar collector’s absorber plates. Selective coatings are often applied to the absorber plates to improve the overall collection efficiency. A thermal fluid absorbs the energy collected. There are several types of solar collectors to heat liquids. Selection of a solar collector type will depend on the temperature […]

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Want to live and use energy on Mars? Why not?

The problem of energy accessibility and production on Mars is one of the three main challenges for the upcoming colonisation of the red planet. The energetic potential on its turn is mainly dependent on the astrophysical characteristics of the planet. A short insight into the Mars environment is thus the compulsory introduction to the problem […]

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Solar Panels and Feed-in Tariffs – The Intricacies of Solar Power

Photoelectric Effect At its most basic, Solar Power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity; either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). CSP systems use a combination of lenses/mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam, and are mainly of use on large […]

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Long history of solar energy

As with hydropower, solar energy has a long history. Many pre-historic cultures used it to warm their dwellings, dry their clothes, and cure their food. The importance of solar energy was so great that most cultures revered the Sun and created rudimentary observatories to track its location in the sky (ex. Stonehenge). Some found solar […]

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New download! Easy calculate size of solar panels!

For the purposes of this guide, we are assuming that the solar energy generated by the panels will be stored in a battery or number of batteries. The basic principle is to identify the size of panel maintain sufficient charge of energy in your battery to support your typical usage requirement. This tool is developed […]

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