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Connections Of Overcurrent Relay (part 2)

Continued from first part: Types and Applications Of Overcurrent Relay (part 1) It’s used for: 3-phase faults the overcurrent relays in all the 3-phases act. Phase to phase faults the… Read more

Feb 02, 2013 | jiguparmar

Connections Of Overcurrent Relay

Types and Applications Of Overcurrent Relay (1)

Protection schemes can be divided into two major groupings: Unit schemes Non-unit schemes Unit type schemes protect a specific area of the system, i.e., a transformer, transmission line, generator or… Read more

Feb 01, 2013 | jiguparmar

Types, applications and connections of Overcurrent relay

Underground residential distribution layouts

Where general appearance, economics, congestion, or maintenance conditions make overhead construction inadvisable, underground construction is specified. While overhead lines have been ordinarily considered to be less expensive and easier to… Read more

Jan 18, 2013 | Edvard

Underground residential distribution layouts

Environmental Stresses On External Insulation

The external insulation (transmission line or substation) is exposed to electrical, mechanical, and environmental stresses. The applied voltage of an operating power system produces electrical stresses. The weather and the… Read more

Jan 07, 2013 | Edvard

Environmental Stresses On External Insulation

Enhance Grid Reliability With Hybrid HVDC Breaker

Introduction to HHVDC How does Hybrid HVDC Breaker work? (VIDEO) Hybrid HVDC Breaker Construction Proactive control Prototype Design Of The Hybrid HVDC Breaker Comparison/Summary The advance of voltage source converter-based… Read more

Dec 15, 2012 | Edvard

The Hybrid HVDC Breaker by ABB

Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC)

Use of PLCC in modern electrical power system is mainly for telemetry and telecontrol. Tele means remote. Telemetry refers to science of measurement from remote location. Introduction Major goal/Application of… Read more

Dec 14, 2012 | Asif Eqbal

Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC)
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