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An Overview Of Smart Power Grid

The present electric grids use the technology of 1970’s. But with the advancement in various concepts of power generation, problems associated with power outages and thefts, and also due to… Read more

Aug 20, 2012 | vinod ramireddy

An Overview Of Smart Power Grid

Delayed Auto-Reclosing On EHV Systems

On highly interconnected transmission systems, where the loss of a single line is unlikely to cause two sections of the system to drift apart significantly and lose synchronism, delayed auto-reclosing can be employed…. Read more

Aug 11, 2012 | Edvard

Delayed auto-reclose scheme logic

Primary Distribution Voltage Levels

Most distribution voltages are between 4 and 35 kV. In this article, unless otherwise specified, voltages are given as line-to-line voltages; this follows normal industry practice, but it is sometimes… Read more

Aug 10, 2012 | Edvard

Primary Distribution Voltage Levels

The Structure Of Power System

An interconnected power system is a complex enterprise that may be subdivided into the following major subsystems: Generation Subsystem Transmission and Subtransmission Subsystem Distribution Subsystem Utilization Subsystem Generation subsystem includes… Read more

Aug 09, 2012 | Edvard

The structure of power system
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