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HVDC VSC Technology For Offshore Wind Farm Applications

Offshore Wind Farms The demand for the power is increasing day by day. The only one solution for this is to use the renewable sources of energy like wind, solar, water etc. Among this wind can produce major amount of power. Since the wind farm requires a lot of space and adequate amount of wind, […]

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Lightning and surge protection of multi-megawatt wind turbines

Importance of protecting wind turbines There is an unabated trend for the utilisation of regenerative energy gained from wind turbines, solar, photovoltaic and biogas plants or geothermal heat. This is an enormous market potential not only for the energy industry but also for the suppliers and the electrical trade and that worldwide. In Germany meanwhile about 19,000 wind […]

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Offshore Floating Wind Turbines to Reap Green Electricity

Generation In present day world, wind power has become one of the rapidly growing energy resources and have even become challenging to the other conventional resources and now have become more quieter and efficient too. A revolutionary change in the wind power generation sector is the introduction of offshore floating wind turbines and the idea […]

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Why we find Wind Energy Delivery Factor important?

Economic Performance Measure The key economic performance measure of a power plant is the electrical energy it delivers over the year. Not all power produced is delivered to the paying customers. A fraction of it is used internally to power the control equipment, meeting the power equipment losses and for the housekeeping functions such as […]

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Wind Energy End-Use Applications

Markets Wind energy markets can be classified based on the end-use application of the technology. Wind energy projects are common for off-grid applications. However, the largest market potential for wind energy projects is with on-grid (or grid-connected) applications. Off-grid applications Historically, wind energy was most competitive in remote sites, far from the electric grid and requiring […]

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What Is The Purpose Of Wind Farm Lighting?

Aircraft Warning Lights Wind farm lighting includes: Aircraft warning lights that are installed on tops of some turbine nacelles and Night lights around wind farm buildings, parking lots, or other facilities. Aircraft warning lights on top of tall telecommunications towers are known to be highly problematic for night-flying migratory birds (though not bats) during cloudy […]

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Why Bats Are Insanely Attracted To Wind Turbines?

Bat Kills at Wind Turbines Recent studies have reported large numbers of bats being killed at wind farms in many parts of North America and Europe. Project monitoring has also discovered significant bat mortality at the Mexico La Venta II wind farm. Bat kills at wind turbines were first discovered in Australia. Small numbers of bats […]

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How to Monitor Wind Speed?

Wind Speed – Mystery Or Not? When considering wind power, most people ask what the average annual wind speed is and how to get that number. The usual response is that you must monitor the wind speed at your site for at least 12 months, preferably longer, to determine whether a wind generator will work […]

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Geographical Variation in the Wind Resource

Wind Ultimately the winds are driven almost entirely by the sun’s energy, causing differential surface heating. The heating is most intense on land masses closer to the equator, and obviously the greatest heating occurs in the daytime, which means that the region of greatest heating moves around the earth’s surface as it spins on its axis. Warm air rises […]

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Wind power applications, Grid connected or not?

There are perhaps four distinct categories of wind power which should be discussed. These are: Small, non-grid connected Small, grid connected Large, non-grid connected Large, grid connected By small, we mean a size appropriate for an individual to own, up to a few tens of kilowatts. Large refers to utility scale. Small, Non-Grid Connected If one […]

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