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Wind Energy End-Use Applications

Wind energy markets can be classified based on the end-use application of the technology. Wind energy projects are common for off-grid applications. However, the largest market potential for wind energy… Read more

Mar 30, 2013 | Wind Power

Wind Energy End-Use Applications

What Is The Purpose Of Wind Farm Lighting?

Wind farm lighting includes: Aircraft warning lights that are installed on tops of some turbine nacelles and Night lights around wind farm buildings, parking lots, or other facilities. Aircraft warning… Read more

Mar 13, 2013 | Wind Power

What Is The Purpose Of Wind Farm Lighting?

How to Monitor Wind Speed?

When considering wind power, most people ask what the average annual wind speed is and how to get that number. The usual response is that you must monitor the wind… Read more

Feb 04, 2013 | Wind Power

How to monitor wind speed?

Geographical Variation in the Wind Resource

Ultimately the winds are driven almost entirely by the sun’s energy, causing differential surface heating. The heating is most intense on land masses closer to the equator, and obviously the greatest heating… Read more

Jan 04, 2013 | Wind Power

Geographical Variation in the Wind Resource
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