Contest winners, EEP april 2011
Contest winners, EEP april 2011

We are very happy to announce the winners of our little contest we made few days ago. So, what was all about? Basically, all you should do is to send correct answer on question we asked in certain time (11:00 AM according to our local time UTC/GMT +2 hours). So, beside correct answer, you should also be fast.

Some did answer correct and on time and some not! Anyway, we congratulate to the winners and wish more luck to all of you who were late to send answer on time or you gave the wrong answer.

Ok, let see what was the question…


IP4X enclosure must not allow ingress of foreign bodies of which diameter?


1mm of diameter.

There was many answers, some of you send your answer earlier then it should, some send  it later (most likely due to misunderstanding of our local time), but anyway we have the winners. First three answers that arrived in our inbox after 11:00 AM gets the prize Рlicence for ePlusMenuCAD 10, professional electrical design tool within AutoCAD environment.

Few words about ePlusMenuCAD: As a fully integrated solution for electrical design, ePlusMenuCAD supports almost all types of electrical design (power distribution, lighting, sockets, single line diagrams, application schemes, EIB instabus, calculations etc.).

And the winners of our contest are:

  1. Saso Naceski <sasodata{aat]yahooDoOTcom>
  2. Andrej Kolundzic <andrej.kolundzic{aat]etfosDoOThr>
  3. vlader <vlader{aat}pttDoOTrs
Winner of the contest, EEP April 2011
Winner of the contest, EEP April 2011

Once again we congratulate the winners of the contest!

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