Start/stop, 4-pole motor, over-synchronous, motor thermistor
Start/stop, 4-pole motor, over-synchronous, motor thermistor


From real-world applications, for the real world is intended for the specialist controller and project engineer who wish to inform themselves about the possible applications of speed-controlled drives. Switching suggestions with and without PID controllers are discussed.

The goal of this brochure is to illustrate ways and methods to attain the right solution. It discusses applications which occur frequently in practical applications using speedcontrolled drives with Danfoss frequency converters.

Start/stop, 4-pole motor, over-synchronous, motor thermistor

  • Analogue reference value terminal 53
  • Motor thermistor terminal 19
  • Alarm and motor movement
Title:Danfoss – From Real-World Applications
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Danfoss – From Real-World Applications
Danfoss – From Real-World Applications

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