If you are exploring the heating and cooling options for a new house or looking for ways to reduce your energy bills, you may be considering a heat pump. A heat pump can provide year-round climate control for your home by supplying heat to it in the winter and cooling it in the summer. Some types can also heat water.

In general, using a heat pump alone to meet all your heating needs may not be economical. However, used in conjunction with a supplementary form of heating, such as an oil, gas or electric furnace, a heat pump can provide reliable and economic heating in winter and cooling in summer.

If you already have an oil or electric heating system, installing a heat pump may be an effective way to reduce your energy costs.

Energy Management in the Home

Heat pumps are very efficient heating and cooling systems and can significantly reduce your energy costs. However, there is little point in investing in an efficient heating system if your home is losing heat through poorly insulated walls, ceilings, windows and doors, and by air leakage through cracks and holes.

Title:Heating and Cooling With a Heat Pump
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Heating And Cooling With Heat Pump

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  3. S.AKBAR Miryaghoobi
    Oct 22, 2012

    Hello and Thanks For Your Information
    What is the Air Source Heat Pump Application in Health care Facilities?
    What is this systems Limitation in Hospitals or other Facility?
    Thanks so much!

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