Schneider Electric Cahiers Techniques - A collection of documents intended for engineers and technicians

Schneider Electric Cahiers Techniques – A collection of documents intended for engineers and technicians

Cahiers Techniques is a collection of documents intended for engineers and technicians, people in the industry who are looking for more in-depth information in order to complement that given in product catalogues. Furthermore, “Cahiers Techniques” are often considered as helpful “tools” for training courses.

Schneider Electric provides knowledge on new technical and technological developments in the electrotechnical field and electronics. They also provide better understanding of various phenomena observed in electrical installations, systems and equipment.

Each “Cahier Technique” provides an in-depth study of a precise subject in the fields of electrical networks, protection devices, monitoring and control and industrial automation systems.

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric SA. The Group’s principal activities are electricity and automation management. The Group operates under three major segments:

  • Electrical distribution
  • Automation and Control
  • Secured energy

Few words more about Schneider Electric

Electrical Products

Under Electricity distribution, the Group offers electrical products such as circuit breakers, switches, safety lighting, prefabricated busbar trunking, modular switchgear, Power Line Carrier communication networks and Voice-Data-Image solutions. Under Automation and Control, the Group offers products to control and supply power to equipment such as contactors, overload relays, soft starters, speed drives, sensors and operator terminals.

Schneider Electric also offers configuration, programming and operating support software, communication networks and field buses. Under Secured energy, the Group offers APC’s UPS systems.

Schneider Electric operates mainly in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. In 2008, the Schneider Electric acquired ECP Tech Services, Marisio, Wessen, RAM Industries, Xantrex and American Power Conversion (APC).

In past 20 years Schneider Electric released around 70 technical publications related to electricity and automation, and these publications are listed below.

All documents, EE software and EE books are free to download.

Schneider Electric Cahier Techniques

1Active harmonic conditioners and unity power factor rectifiers
2Analysis of three-phase networks in disturbed operating conditions using symmetrical components
3Automatic transfering of power supplies in HV and LV networks
4Basic selection of MV public distribution networks
5Behaviour of the SF6 – MV circuit-breakers Fluarc for switching motor starting currents
6Breaking by auto-expansion
7Calculation of short-circuit currents
8Calculations for LV and HV networks
9Cohabitation of high and low currents
10Control equipment for MV capacitor banks
11Control-monitoring and protection of HV motors
12Current transformers – how to specify them
13Current transformers – specification errors and solutions
14Current transformers for HV protection
15Data acquisition – Detection
16Dependability and LV switchboards
17Dependability of MV and HV protection devices
18Design and use of MV current-limiting fuses
19Development of LV circuit breakers to standard IEC 947-2
20Directional protection equipment
21Discrimination with LV power circuit-breakers
22Disturbances in electronic systems and earthing systems
23Dynamic stability of industrial electrical networks
24Earthquakes and electrical equipment
25Electric motors… and how to improve their control and protection
26Electrical disturbances in LV
27Electrical installation dependability studies
28Electrodynamic forces on busbars in LV systems
29Electronic starters and variable speed drives
30EMC – electromagnetic compatibility
31Enclosures and degrees of protection
32Energy savings in buildings
33Energy-based discrimination for low-voltage protective devices
34Extra losses caused in high current conductors by skin and proximity effects
35Fault arcs on busbar sets and switchboards
37From current transformers to hybrid sensors, in HV
38Fuzzy logic
39Harmonic disturbances in networks, and their treatment
40Harmonics upstream of rectifiers in UPS
41High availability electrical power distribution
42HV industrial network design
43Integration of local power generation in industrial sites and commercial buildings
44Intelligent LV switchboards
45Introduction to dependability design
46Inverters and harmonics (case studies of non-linear loads)
47Lightning and HV electrical installations
48LV breaking by current limitation
49LV circuit-breaker
50LV circuit-breakers confronted with harmonic, transient and cyclic
51LV protection devices and variable speed drives (frequency converters)
52LV surges and surge arresters LV insulation co-ordination
53MV public distribution networks throughout the world
54Neutral earthing in an industrial HV network
55Overvoltages and insulation coordination in MV and HV
56Power Quality
57Power supply of lighting circuits
58Protection of electrical distribution networks by the logic selectivity system
59Protection of industrial and tertiary MV networks
60Protection of MV-LV substation transformers
61Residual current devices In LV
62SF6 properties, and use in MV and HV switchgear
63System earthings in LV
64System earthings worldwide and evolutions
65The behaviour of SF6 puffer circuit-breakers under exceptionally severe conditions
66The IT system earthing (unearthed neutral) in LV
67The singularities of the third harmonic
68Thermal study of LV electric switchboards
69Uninterruptible static power supplies and the protection of persons
70Vacuum switching

Low voltage expert guides

1Coordination and protection of busbar distribution New
2Ground Fault Protection New
3Increasing availability of LV electrical networks New
4Coordination of LV protection devices New

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  1. Mohamed Hendy
    Dec 24, 2013

    Thank u

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    May 05, 2011

    As you know the Schneider group make one of the best relay,s “sepam series” and also other kind of protection. so a book or a paper about protection will be very useful

    • Edvard
      Jun 13, 2011

      Yes indeed! SEPAM is good protection relay with bunch of possibilities. However, maybe I will publish some technical article about SEPAM relays with info and catalogue or paper for download.

      Thanks fot the tip Mirjani!


      • hobo
        Jul 24, 2012

        Yes,I support Mirjani.SEPAM Relays,from my experience are one of teh best relays I have ever seen.

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