Electrical software

Electrical software

Electrical design tools

Electrical design without appropriate software and tools is impossible to imagine. On this page you can download professional software for electrical design, MV and LV network and photometric calculations, voltage drop and short circuit calculations etc.

Most of them are freeware, some requires registration and some are shareware. All documents, EE software and MS Excel Spreadsheets are free to download.

Check out section Electrical Tools – MS Excel Spreadsheets!

Photometric calculation

Lighting calculationsDescription & NotesDownload
CalcuLuX AreaPhilips Lighting software
LITESTARRegistration needed
LD CalculatorPhotometric calculations, DMX address, electrical formulas, phase load, voltage drop etc.
GE LightBeamsPhotometric calculations for GE direct reflectors
VisualBasic version (Free)
Lighting Level CalculatorFree limited, 25$
AGi32 NewTrial. Calculation tool for accurate photometric predictions. Recommended!

Almost every luminaire manufacturer has its own database for Dialux, Relux, Calculux and other photometrics software, which can be downloaded on their website. All databases are free to download.

Low voltage and Medium voltage calculation

LV & MV calculations
Description & NotesDownload
Ecodial (Schneider Electric)LV network and short circuit calcuations, cables cross sections, voltage drop etc. (Free)
Simaris Design (Siemens)LV/MV network calculations, short circuit currents, calculations of cables etc. (Trial)
SEE Electrical Advanced NewElectrical design, cabinet layout builder (Demo)
Etap NewDesign, simulation, operation, and automation of generation, distribution, and industrial power systems (Demo)
Electrical CalculatorCalculation of transformer current and short circuit current (Free)
Profix 8DJ/8DH (Siemens)MV switchgear design, single line diagram (Free)
Profix NXPLUS C (Siemens)MV switchgear design, single line diagram (Free)
Voltage Drop CalculatorVoltage trop calculation (Shareware, 30USD)
Cable Ampacity CalculatorCalculation of cable load
Underground Cable AmpacityUnderground cable load calculation (Free limited, 30USD)
Voltage Drop Calculator VDC(Free)
MycroHidro Power Calculator(Free)
Short Circuit Current
Group Motor Protection
Free limited, 25$
Fuse Selection Guide(Free)
I2T Waveform Calculator(Free)
Motor Circuit Selection Guide(Free)
Transformer Protection Guide(Free)
Electrical Safety Program Arc Flash CalculatorCalculation in MS Excel (Free)
GE Transformer And Short Circuit CalculatorCalculation in MS Excel (Free)

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    Can you have temperature rise simulation software for panels?

    Jan 26, 2015

    Thank you very much for your most informative news.
    My problem is, the home electrical bill/energy consumption/electrical load calculator did not work better for me.
    Eg. I worked out the load current / power consumed by 10 x CFL bulbs 15W and got 470.68 A / 150kW (according to the calculator), and thus compelled me to install 600A Incoming ELCB in my residence?
    Please take a look and advice.

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    is there any software that we can use for ceiling fan simulation

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    Send me best electrical engineering projects for B.E .

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      selective harmonic elimination in multilevel inverter using bee algorithm

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