This is digital version of the most frequently used ampacity tables that you would find in Electrical Codes – Canada’s CEC and U.S.’s NEC. Look up the right values and apply correction factors quickly. It takes less space on screen than would the paper version on your desk. It’s only a click away and it’s free.

Software:Cable Ampacity Calculator
Developer:MC Group
Price:Shareware, 30USD
Download:Right here | Get Download Updates | Get Technical articles

Cable Ampacity Calculator

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  1. Peter
    Sep 22, 2015

    Hello could somebody help me and give me a tip where can I download for free commercial usage some tool for calculation of cable ampacity according to IEC 60 287 (not for US standard). Thank you a lot.
    I work as design engineer in one company and I would like to use this tool for our calculation.

  2. mehrdad
    Mar 29, 2014

    thank you very good much

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