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Available fault current spreadsheet
Available fault current spreadsheet


This MS Excel Spreadsheet is created by mr. John Sokolik and it represents easy way to calculate fault current by entering few values in indicated fields.

You will find sheet with very nice example already fulfilled. Before starting fault current calculation, you will have to choose between Step 1a and Step 1b which are explained below.

Step 1a

Insert available fault current ampere rating from your local Utility.

Step 1b

Insert the the kVA rating power factor (PF) and impedance  (Z) of the transformer is not required to continue. Note: When you insert the kVA rating  power factor and impedance you must select the voltage from the dropdown box Select Voltage & Phase before the value will be calculated.

Spreadsheet information

Software:Fault Current Calculation (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
Developer:John Sokolik
Size:207 KB
Download:Right here | Get Download Updates | Get Technical articles

Fault Current Calculation Spreadsheet

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