Concept Finding & Planning / Procurement & Erection

The Siemens‘s PROFIX 8DJ/8DH and PROFIX NXPLUS C configuration tools will prepare for you a block diagram, a front view and the appropriate design details of our medium-voltage switchgear within a short period of time.

These plans can be created as Windows graphics directly in PowerPoint or by using a graphics generator. With its “Export” function, the graphics generator provides the option to save the plans in a neutral data format. EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile) and DXF (AutoCAD) are offered as formats.

These neutral data formats enable further processing of the plans in other DP tools.

Software:Profix 8DJ/8DH and NXPLUS C
Developer:Siemens AG
Size:0.8kB; 0.5kB
Download:Right here | Get Download Updates | Get Technical articles and here | Get Download Updates | Get Technical articles

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