Save for Tomorrow – Save Today! – 20-30. jul 2011th

International Summer academic course - Save for Tomorrow - Save Today! - 20-30. jul 2011th
International Summer academic course - Save for Tomorrow - Save Today! - 20-30. jul 2011th

What is hidden energy? If we can not create it, do we know how to keep? With what we will enjoy the benefits of the modern age when we spend reserves of fossil fuels? If you sometimes seek out these answers, in addition you are studying at one of the Technical University of Nis and the end of July, plan to spend in Niš, then BEST’s International Summer academic course is right for you!

This summer BEST Niš for you organize international summer academic course called “Save for tomorrow – Save tomorrow”. Take the opportunity to spend a memorable ten days from 20 to 30 July, accompanied by 25 students from all over Europe, from Lisbon to Yekaterinburg. Participants are given the opportunity to attend an academic course of educational character, in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ETC system). The course will be organized by BEST Niš, in cooperation with the University of Nis, especially with Electronic, Mechanical, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Science and Mathematics and the Faculty of Occupational Safety.

The academic part of the course will consist of at least 18 hours of lectures and 12 hours of practice – case studiesas well as the professional tours. Lectures will be in English or in Serbian with simultaneous translation, and will be completed by professors at the University of Nis, representatives of institutes and ministries, as well as other experts from the industry. After the lecture, course participants will be divided into teams that will be practical during the academic part of the course, with the help of previously acquired knowledge of various materials and debates as part of his team, solved the problem – a vision on the topic of the course. Upon completion of the course participants will present their works in order to obtain a certificate as proof of successful course pursued.

Of course, the course offers many opportunities for cultural exchange participants from different countries of Europe and will include among other activities, such as:

  • Serbian evening, where participants will be presented to Serbian music, cuisine, games and cars with authentic atmosphere, which will bring foreign students to national traditions and cultures;
  • International night, where each student participant will have the opportunity to present their country through traditional music, cuisine and games;
  • Tour of the city of Niš and its introduction to the sights and cultural treasures.

Participation in this course is a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and different cultures, and to acquire long-lasting friendships after the course. Based on work experience in an open community, where physical borders between countries and there is no effect on work, allows engineers to fully develop the capacity to work in an international and multicultural environment.

Take a chance and if you are studying at one of the Technical University of Nis, be sure to sign up for a course by clicking on Be one of 15 selected local participants and at a symbolic price of only 1500 dinars experience the most memorable 10 days!

The price includes cover basic expenses such as costs for excursions, lectures, coursework, workshops, international drinks and Serbian dinner, refreshments during breaks between lectures, courses and shirts that will offer you the certificate, be sure to stay as beautiful emories.

Unfortunately, the organizers are unable to provide shelter and food for domestic participants, so they are not included in the price.

For any additional questions or information, please visit our website or write us on nis[AT]

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