Electric Testing and Maintenance (VIDEO courses)

Electric Testing and Maintenance (VIDEO courses)


Video lectures presented here give recommendations for field commissioning and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment. Videos cover low voltage as well as meidum/high voltage equipment and systems.

The necessity of safety precautions during work on electrical equipment is extremely important and therefore maybe over-emphasised.

The following videos are segmented by equipment type. For each component, a recommended minimum practice for preventive maintenance is provided.

This Electric Maintenance Courses consist of various video lecturers collected from Youtube.

Video Lectures

No.Video Course TitleWatch
1Infrared Thermography for Maintenance New
2Electric Motors and Control Testing
3Maintenance of Medium Voltage Air Circuit Breaker
4Electric Testing Fundamentals – Electrical Connections
5Electrical Panel Preventative Maintenance
6Energized Services Performed on a 400A Distribution Panel
7Testing of Home Electrical Installations
8Home Inspection of Grounding and Panel Box
9Checking for a Bad Circuit Breaker
10How to Change a Circuit Breaker
11Recognizing Overheated Neutral
12Industrial Inspection and Testing (Ring final circuit tests)
13Electrical inspection and testing of supply and primary switchgear for a large electrical installation
14Introduction To Electrical Safety for Facilities
15Outdoor Electrical Safety
16Electrical power equipment safety
17TanDelta/Power Factor Testing – Background
18Power Transformer Testing – General
19Power Transformer Testing – Measuring DC winding resistance of transformer
20Testing of Protection and Measurement Equipment

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