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EEP’s section Researched and Projects (RaP) encourages every research scholar, professors, faculty members and research students to publish their research papers on EEP.

EEP’s goal is to promote scientific research in electrical engineering in general, power substation, transformers, HVAC, maintenance of electrical equipment, industry automation, power  electronics, low through medium to high voltage, renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal), etc..

Research papers

No.Reasearch / ProjectDownload
1The Four Layers of Smart Grid Security
2Planning application of equipments in hydro power projects
3Leakage and ground currents: Measurement techniques
4The applicability of lighting elimination, devices to substations and power lines
5Active current, Reactive current, Kirchhoff’s laws and Tellegen’s theorem
Shared by Mr. Shailesh Kumar
6Micro Hydro Project: an option for development of Rural Areas
Shared by Mr. Pravesh Kafle
7The Use of Attack Trees in Assessing Vulnerabilities in SCADA Systems
8Capacitor Bank Switching with Vacuum Circuit Breakers – Schneider Electric
9Light fixture with color temperature of the light dependent on the solar time
Shared by Mr. Andrzej Andrew Pelczar
10Parallel Path Magnetic Technology for High Efficiency Power Generators and Motor Drives
11Electrical Conductance and Insulation New
12High altitude considerations for electrical power systems and components New
12Selecting the right PV voltage New
13The Role of Infrared Testing at Data Centers New

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  1. Robin
    Apr 18, 2015

    Hi! I’m electrical engineering student in DHVTSU, Bacolor, Pampanga, PH. I’m in 4th level and in need a topic related on industrial automation and system evaluation for our ResearchA. If you have some ideas kindly email me. Thank you in advance! More energy and More Power EEP!

  2. Pragyawan
    Apr 05, 2015

    we have done our final year project on Transient stability analysis of a 30 bus system and want to publish it. kindly guide. thanks

    • Jonah
      May 19, 2015

      I am a final year student and I am also interested in doing a project Transient stability analysis of a Power system. I am requesting for your report to aid me do mine. Kindly assist.

  3. amjad iqbal
    Jan 30, 2015

    hi i am amjad iqbal student of 1st year MSC … i want to publish paper… is there any one who can guide me how to publish paper?… as i am in 1st semester i don’t have any idea about research pls help me i will be always thank full to all of you email me

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