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Maintenance Management Of Electrical Equipment (Condition Monitoring Based) – Part 2

Continued from the first part of this technical article… Read it here. Predictive Maintenance Management (PDM) The concept of “Predictive Maintenance Management (PDM)” is not new. PDM program is the maintenance program drawn out for the electrical equipment based on regular monitoring of the actual physical condition, operating parameters, operating efficiency and other indicators. The […]

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Maintenance Management Of Electrical Equipment (Condition Monitoring Based) – Part 1

The cost of maintenance In today’s competitive market scenario, all types of industries are under tremendous pressure to cut down their maintenance costs, as they form a significant portion of the operation costs. The industries are forced to look for different types of maintenance of the electrical equipment rather than usual preventive maintenance being carried […]

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10 Most Common Power Disturbances That Make Our Life Difficult

Power Quality Issue As you know, deviation from sinusoidal form at the nominal voltage level is actually a power quality issue or power disturbance, defined as “any deviation from the nominal value (or from some selected thresholds based upon tolerance) of the AC input power characteristics”. Power disturbances can greatly affect utilization equipment. For example, […]

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The choice of system voltage according to ANSI standard C84.1

Power system design The selection of system voltages is crucial to successful power system design. Reference lists the standard voltages for the United States and their ranges. The nominal voltages are given in Table 1 below. As can be seen, ANSI C84.1-1989 divides system voltages into “voltage classes”. The choice of service voltage is limited to […]

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An example of calculating the number of indoor lighting fixtures

Input information These are the input data for the following calculation: An office area has length: 20 meter; width: 10 meter; height: 3 meter. The ceiling to desk height is 2 meters. The area is to be illuminated to a general level of 250 lux using twin lamp 32 watt CFL luminaires with a SHR […]

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5 Most Common Critical Power Distribution Topologies

Today’s mission-critical applications In many of today’s mission-critical applications, ever-increasing reliability requirements are the norm. A critical part of this reliability is the reliability of the electric power distribution system for a given facility. Among the most demanding applications is that of a data center, where the enduse equipment cannot tolerate even a momentary power […]

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Main and Transfer (Inspection) Bus Arrangement commonly used in AIS

For low reliability requirement situations The main and transfer bus configuration connects all circuits between the main bus and a transfer bus (sometimes referred to as an inspection bus). Some arrangements include a bus tie breaker and others simply utilize switches for the tie between the two buses. This configuration is similar to the single […]

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Methods Of Securing LV Circuit Breakers

Methods Circuit breakers are typically secured in place by one of the following methods: Through bolts Bolted to the bus Stab locked to the bus or some type of receptacle connection Din rail mounted Bolted Type Breakers When a longer service life breaker is wanted, a bolted type is typically used. These types have a […]

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Methods Of Mounting LV Circuit Breakers

Three general groups Methods used to mount circuit breakers can be divided into three general groups, those being: Fixed Removable (disconnectable unit), and Drawout (withdrawable) A review of these mounting methods follows. Fixed Mounted Circuit Breakers A circuit breaker that is bolted in its enclosure and wired to the load frame, we can call a […]

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Analysing the costs of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission

Topics discussed Introduction to HVDC Cost structure of HVDC Assumptions made in the price calculations Thyristor based HVDC system versus high voltage AC system VSC based HVDC system versus an AC system or a local generation source Comparative cost information Let’s start with introduction! It specifies a system used for transmitting or exchanging electrical power […]

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