Tesla's Big Tower To Be Sold For Debt
Tesla's Big Tower To Be Sold For Debt

This article was originally posted in The Brooklyn Daily Times on June 12, 1907.

The tower of Wonders at Wardercliffe, where Nikola Tesla, the inventor, preserved SUCH MYSTERY and where it was whispered scientific experiments were to be carried on greater in scope than any ever before attempted, is FOR SALE. The Sheriff of  Sufolk County today advertised the entire property to be disposed of to satisfy a judgement held by Dr. James S. Warden.

The Tesla property consist of 200 acres and the wonderful steel tower 150 feet high and with a shaft sunk 150 feet in the ground. Tesla has spent a fortune in rearing the huge steel mass, which ever since its building has been the theme for discussion among the puzzled laymen of the island.

What did Tesla intent to do? This is the question that for a long time perplexed the people living in the Wading River and Wardencliffe neighborhood.


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