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Would you like to become a EEP author? Or perhaps you just want to contribute a electrical engineering related article that you’ve written, plan to write, or you’ve just found interesting article you would like to share?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. In return you will get full credit for the post, an author page with a bio and your website will also be linked at the top and bottom of every post you make.

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A few valid reasons to contribute to EEP

  • You don’t have to setup and pay for your own site. Just send us your article in any readable format (txt, doc, html…) and we’ll publish it for you.
  • This blog has a wide audience which gives it a considerable amount of exposure. Writing for EEP means having thousands of readers who already subscribe to our blog or visit the site regularly.
  • You write the article, we’ll take care of promoting it.
  • Besides the feedback from our readers, we’ll inform you about the statistics of your article on request.
  • Granted you license your article to us for use on this site, and other possible related initiatives started by this blog (e.g., a book), you are free to define the type of license that you like, be it traditional copyright in which you reserve all rights (default) or an open license such as Creative Commons.

What kind of articles we are looking for?

We aim to publish quality articles on a variety of subjects, from well explained LV, MV, HV equipment, theories or research papers  up to personal expirience topics in various projects. Articles can range from a few hundred words, up to a few thousand (we may split the article/tutorial over more than one post in some instances).

If it’s interesting and well written original work (before publishing any article, we’ll check to ensure that it’s not already a copyrighted piece), we’ll publish it.We are looking for material that promotes electrical science (and sciences that are very closely related) and that can be read and enjoyed also by people who do not have a PhD in the field of electrical engineering.

Your advantage

The next question which runs in your mind, once you hear something about guest blogging, would be “What benefit do I get out of Guest or Author writing?”. The answer to this question would be genuine back-links (permanent one) for your site or blog.

More important is that you can introduce yourself to huge number of our readers and followers.

Few rules of writing

  • Content of article must be unique and not published anywhere on internet.
  • Content must be related to electrical engineering.
  • You must include at least one picture not less then 300x200px related to content of article. This image is used for cropping and showing at sidebar and fronpage. Image(s) must be optimized.
  • You must write only content of article (including title). We’ll prepare the rest of article and schedule it for publishing.
  • Make sure you have written short text about yourself in field Bography in your Dashboard.
  • Make sure you set the your Gravatar picture linked to same email you’re rigistered with . You should signup HERE and upload your photo. Make sure to set option G – suitable for all websites.

Cool, how do I get started?

Just go through the writing instructions to fulfill your profile and to get introduced with writing rules.

START NOW! Read our Writing Instructions

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