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Monthly Archive for: «January, 2011»

How To Connect Current Transformers?

The primary of a current transformer typically has only one turn. This is not really a turn or wrap around the core but just a conductor or bus going through the “window.” The primary never… Read more

Jan 29, 2011 | Edvard

How To Connect Current Transformers?

How To Reduce Energy Cost?

The main motivation for decision makers to take an interest in energy control solutions is economic efficiency. When deciding whether to invest in improvement work, the manager of a building, for example, must be convinced… Read more

Jan 28, 2011 | Edvard

How To Reduce Energy Cost?

Form of separation 1 – Requirements

In general, the price of an Assembly will increase with increased levels of separation and/or types of construction. Choosing the arrangement with the most internal barriers will not always lead to the most appropriate solution…. Read more

Jan 27, 2011 | Edvard

Form of separation 1 - Requirements

Grounded Systems

Grounded systems are equipped with a grounded conductor that is required per NEC Section 250- 23(b) to be run to each service disconnecting means. The grounded conductor can be used as a current-carrying conductor to… Read more

Jan 26, 2011 | Edvard

Price Of A Transformer

Today the production of transformers is characterised by a large variety of designs, manufactured in relatively short batches to meet the demands of a variety of customers with ever-changing expectations. Of course, fluctuations in commodity… Read more

Jan 26, 2011 | Edvard

Price Of A Transformer

Ethernet History

Ethernet is the most popular and widely deployed network technology in the world. In 1973, while working on a way to link the Xerox “Alto” computer to a printer, Bob Metcalfe designed and tested the… Read more

Jan 25, 2011 | Edvard

Ethernet Plug

Geothermal Energy – The Hot Facts

The word “geothermal” comes from the Greek words geo (earth) and thermal (heat). It means the heat of earth. The energy potential beneath our feet, in the form of geothermal energy, is vast. This tremendous… Read more

Jan 24, 2011 | Edvard

Iceland - Geothermal Power Plant

Ecodial 3 – FAQ’s

Remark : You may renumber the functional names with the Automatic numbering of the View menu. Version 3.2 of Ecodial works from a cable database. If such a cable exists in the database, then you… Read more

Jan 22, 2011 | Edvard

Ecodial 3 - FAQ's

Transients – Line Disturbances

Lightning strikes and switching transients on power lines will propagate down the line and eventually arrive at a substation. There, the voltage will be clamped by lightning arresters to a level the substation equipment can… Read more

Jan 21, 2011 | Edvard

Transients - Line Disturbances

Can I Connect Wind Turbine to the Utility Grid?

Small wind energy systems can be connected to the electricity distribution system and are called gridconnected systems. A grid-connected wind turbine can reduce your consumption of utility-supplied electricity for lighting, appliances, and electric heat. If… Read more

Jan 20, 2011 | Edvard

Can I Connect Wind Turbine to the Utility Grid?

Substation Ventilation Requirements – Ergon

Substations require special attention to ventilation in order to dissipate heat losses from electrical equipment. Wherever possible, natural air flow to the outside of the building will be used. Forced ventilation should be used where… Read more

Jan 19, 2011 | Edvard

Substation Ventilation Requirements – Ergon

Is There Enough Wind on My Site?

Does the wind blow hard and consistently enough at my site to make a small wind turbine system economically worthwhile? That is a key question and not always easily answered. The wind resource can vary… Read more

Jan 19, 2011 | Edvard

Is There Enough Wind on My Site?

What Do Wind Systems Cost?

A small turbine can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $35,000 installed, depending on size, application, and service agreements with the manufacturer. (The American Wind Energy Association [AWEA] says a typical home wind system costs approximately… Read more

Jan 18, 2011 | Edvard

What Do Wind Systems Cost?

What Are Partial Discharges On Cast Resin Transformers?

Partial discharges are electrical discharges occuring in insulating materials. The electrical discharge’s path only spans part of the insulating distance separating the conductors. The problem of partial discharges, whilst not existing in Low Voltage, is… Read more

Jan 17, 2011 | Edvard

Trihal transformer (IP00; IP31)

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