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Monthly Archive for: «March, 2011»

MiCOM P139 – Feeder Management and Bay Control

MiCOM P139 is a cost-effective one-box solution for integrated numerical time-overcurrent protection and control. The unit’s protection functions provide selective short-circuit protection, ground fault protection and overload protection in medium- and high voltage systems. The… Read more

Mar 30, 2011 | Edvard

MiCOM P139 Feeder Management and Bay Control

Lights up, the facts about lighting!

Illuminance is light falling on a surface measured in footcandles or lux. Distributed with an economic and visual plan, it becomes engineered lighting and, therefore, practical illumination. A lighting designer has four major objectives: Provide… Read more

Mar 28, 2011 | Edvard

Lights up, the facts about lighting

Tesla’s view on war

Tesla was opposed to wars in general. Nikola Tesla did devise protective measures that would prevent wars. Tesla found exceptions in some wars and some justifiable situations. Tesla envisioned that more terrible weapons were going… Read more

Mar 25, 2011 | Edvard

Nikola Tesla's view on war

Dual nature of light

Light has intrigued humankind for centuries. The most ancient theories considered light as something emitted by the human eye. Later on, it was understood that light should come from the objects seen and that it… Read more

Mar 24, 2011 | Edvard

Dual nature of light

Offshore wind farms – transmission cables

The European wind power industry is increasingly turning to the offshore wind resource, and the United States will draw on the Europeans’ experience as we begin to plan offshore wind farms. Short of generating hydrogen,… Read more

Mar 23, 2011 | Edvard

Offshore wind farms - transmission

Colour classification and temperature

Colour is a subjective psycho physiologic interpretation of the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Luminous sensations or images, produced in our retina, are sent to the brain and interpreted as a set of monochromatic sensations which constitute… Read more

Mar 22, 2011 | Edvard

Colour classification according to the C.I.E. chromatic diagram

PIX metal-clad switchgear – Schneider Electric

The PIX metal-clad switchboards are extensible on both sides and consist of modular functional units, linked by a busbar, and connected to the substation earth via an earthing bus. The cubicles are subdivided by metal… Read more

Mar 21, 2011 | Edvard

PIX metal-clad switchboard

Protective Grounding Requirements

Each region shall implement procedures to ensure the adequacy of protective grounds and shall periodically review grounding practices at each facility to determine the proper size, length, and number (if parallel grounds are required) of… Read more

Mar 19, 2011 | Edvard

Personal Protective Ground Cable Assembly

Please, help brave Japan people!

As you already know, Japan is suffering from the greatest disaster since world war 2. A tremendous earthquake, a huge tsunami and now radiation leaks have caused untold damage in this marvelous country of honest,… Read more

Mar 18, 2011 | Edvard

Please help Japan people

Current transformers (CTs) in a few words

A current transformer is defined as as an instrument transformer in which the secondary current is substantially proportional to the primary current (under normal conditions of operation) and differs in phase from it by an… Read more

Mar 18, 2011 | Edvard

Cross-sectional view of the panel and multifunctional CT

Surge protection of cells and inverter – DC side

Providing power with photovoltaic solar panels is tremendously interesting in the context of renewable energy sources, as regards economical LV photovoltaic systems connected to the public electricity network. Because of their exposition , frequently in… Read more

Mar 17, 2011 | Edvard

Surge protection of cells and inverter - DC side

Benefits of biomass energy

Biomass in the form of fuelwood was perhaps the first energy source used by human beings and was the main fuel till the industrial revolution, after which fossil fuels like coal and oil replaced biomass… Read more

Mar 16, 2011 | Edvard

Benefits of biomass energy

Induction machines – historical touch

Faraday discovered the electromagnetic induction law around 1831 and Maxwell formulated the laws of electricity (or Maxwell’s equations) around 1860. The knowledge was ripe for the invention of the induction machine which has two fathers:… Read more

Mar 15, 2011 | Edvard

Induction machines

Offshore Wind

As on land, offshore wind developers have to ensure that their turbines and transmission infrastructure do not interfere with marine life and ecosystems. National regulations ensure that project developers assess in both qualitative and quantitative… Read more

Mar 14, 2011 | Edvard

Offshore Wind

How to choose transformer rating?

When an installation is to be supplied directly from a MV/LV transformer and the maximum apparent-power loading of the installation has been determined, a suitable rating for the transformer can be decided, taking into account… Read more

Mar 12, 2011 | Edvard

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