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Monthly Archive for: «December, 2011»


Capacitor Types

In the market, there are several types of capacitors that have been manufactured. Although all capacitors work essentially the same way, key differences in the construction of different capacitor types… Read more

Dec 13, 2011 | By elaina

Capacitor dimensions
Wind Power

What’s Inside a Wind Turbine?

Cant see this video? Click here to watch it on Youtube. There are two basic types of wind turbine design – horizontal and vertical axis. At present, the horizontal axis… Read more

Dec 12, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi


The Physics of Light

Man has always been fascinated by light and has constantly striven to unravel its mysteries. History has produced various theories that today strike us as comical but were seriously propounded… Read more

Dec 11, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi

A prism makes the colour spectrum of light visible
Geothermal Energy

How a Geothermal Plant Works?

Understanding geothermal energy begins with an understanding of the source of this energy – the earth’s internal heat. The Earth’s temperature increases with depth, with the temperature at the center… Read more

Dec 10, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi

Electrical Lectures

What is the resonance phenomena?

The use of both capacitive and inductive devices in distribution systems leads to resonance phenomena, resulting in extremely high or low impedance values. These variations in impedance modify the current… Read more

Dec 09, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi

What is the resonance phenomena?
Power Substation

Why and how much for fire protection of power plant?

Fire protection measures can be subdivided into life-safety and investment categories. Life-safety measures are considered to be mandatory by  fire codes, building codes, or safety codes. As such, the codes… Read more

Dec 07, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi

Energy and Power

Flexible AC Transmission System – What and Why?

Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) have been evolving to a mature technology with high power rating. This technology has wide spread application, became a top rate, most reliable one, based… Read more

Dec 05, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi

Flexible AC Transmission System - What and Why?
Electric Motor

5 steps to choose the best motor for your application

For line-operated motors, loads fall into three general categories: constant torque, torque that changes abruptly, and torque that change gradually over time. Bulk material conveyors, extruders, positive displacement pumps, and… Read more

Dec 03, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi

Few steps you should know before choosing best motor for your application
Energy and Power

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) is a device that every data center or mission critical facility should have. Why should every data center have one and what does it do… Read more

Dec 01, 2011 | By Edvard Csanyi

Transient voltage surge suppressors - ABB (OVR series)

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