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Monthly Archive for: «June, 2013»

Few Words About Capacitor-Start (CS) Motors

The capacitor-start (CS), or more precisely, capacitor-start, induction-run motor, is a modified split-phase induction motor used for hard-to-start loads. CS motors are efficient and require starting currents about 5 times… Read more

Jun 14, 2013 | Edvard

Start-run capacitor single-phase induction motor (Source ABB)

Split-phase motors for medium-duty applications

The split-phase (SP), or more accurately, the resistance-start, split-phase, induction run motor,is recommended for medium-duty applications. It can run at constant speed even under varying load conditions where moderate torque is… Read more

Jun 12, 2013 | Edvard

Split-phase motors for medium-duty applications

Glossary of Power Transformer Terms

There are many terms associated with power and distributive transformers used in electrical networks. These are just some of the most important. Feel free to add any of missing terms… Read more

Jun 05, 2013 | Edvard

Glossary of Power Transformer Terms

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