MATLAB Simulations using Simulink for Power Electronics, Electric Motors, Generators and Solar

Learn how to use MATLAB/Simulink for power electronics circuits, electric circuits, electrical machines, solar and synchronous generators. 47 lessons in 13h 52m total course length.

Course Description

Learn the leading software MATLAB in numerical computing through step-by-step exercises. In this course, we will learn to simulate AC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC, and DC-DC converter circuits, electric circuits, electrical machines, solar and synchronous generators in the MATLAB using Simulink tool circuits.

In this course, you will learn the simulation using MATLAB of:

  • Single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier
  • Model the DC machine in no-load case
  • Single-phase bridge controlled rectifier
  • Model the DC machine in presence of load torque
  • Single-phase AC chopper with R and RL load
  • Simulating the DC machine using power library
  • A DC-DC converter as buck regulator
  • Three-phase Inverter
  • Boost regulator
  • Single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier
  • Buck-Boost regulator
  • Induction motor
  • Single-phase half-bridge inverter
  • PV cell in solar energy
  • Single-phase and three-phase bridge inverter
  • PID controller
  • Single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier
  • Analyzing data from the PSCAD program

Course Summary

  1. Applications on Matrices in MATLAB
  2. Power Electronics Simulations
  3. Solar Energy Simulation
  4. DC Motor Simulation
  5. Induction Motor Simulation
  6. Synchronous Generator Simulation
  7. Power System Simulations
  8. PID Controller in MATLAB

Who Is This Course For

  • Engineering students
  • Practicing engineers
  • Anybody with an interest in learning about power electronics and MATLAB/Simulink


MATLAB/Simulink software, free trial available online

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following documents:

  1. Matlab Simulations (PDF)
  2. Fault Location Matlab + PSCAD (ZIP)

Course Content

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About Instructor

Ahmed Mahdy

I am an electrical power engineer, I am also an electrical instructor on many online course platforms, teaching electrical engineering to more than 55,000 students from more than 170 countries. I was nominated among the top 10% instructors on Udemy in 2018 besides ranking as one of the top instructors in power engineering and among the top five instructors in engineering. I also have an educational engineering channel with 13,000 subscribers and a website with the same name "Khadija Academy" which provides electrical engineering courses for potential students.

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