Power Engineering Course: Relay Control and Protection For LV/MV/HV Switchgear

Learn how to analyze and set relay control and protection for low- medium- and high-voltage switchgear and substations from beginner to expert level. 20 sections and 129 lectures in 17h 11m total course length.

Course Description

This course gives you a complete understanding of various power system elements, like protection relays, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, etc. You will learn how to adjust the settings of various protection functions and their applications through real-world examples and practical applications.

One hundred twenty-nine lectures in total course length of 17h 11m are arranged progressively to start from beginner level to advanced one. You will find learning the lessons very easy with the accompanying documentation.

The possibility to ask the instructor any question at any time will facilitate your understanding of complex lessons. Direct contact with the instructor will provide you with various clarifications regarding potential ambiguities.

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand essential protection and control system components and adjust the setting of various protection functions.

What You Will Learn

  • Why Do We Need Protection System
  • Different Protection System Elements
  • Understand trip circuit connection
  • To Differentiate between primary and backup protection
  • Different Methods of Back up Protection
  • Understand Zones of Protection
  • Applications on Protection Zones of Real Power Systems
  • To Differentiate between protective system and protective scheme
  • The meaning and causes of short circuit faults
  • Types of Electric Faults
  • Establishment of SC Current and Waveform
  • Realize Consequences of Short Circuit Faults
  • Operation & Function of Protective Relays
  • How to Adjust Protection Relay Settings
  • Required qualities of Protective Relay
  • Types of Relays According to Function
  • Types of Relays According to Time C/C’s
  • Complete understanding of Electromechanical Relays
  • Static Relays
  • Understand digital advanced Relays
  • Function & Construction of CT & VT
  • Equivalent circuit & Burden of CT & VT
  • Types of CTs used in electrical installations
  • Saturation of CT
  • CTs and VTs used for Protection
  • CTs and VTs used for Measurement
  • Current Transformer Rating Plate
  • To Differentiate between CT and VT
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • How to Adjust The Overcurrent Relay Setting
  • Primary Requirements of Overcurrent Protection
  • Directional Overcurrent Protection
  • Practical Application of Directional Overcurrent Protection
  • Earthing in electric network
  • Earth Fault Protection
  • Different Earthing Systems in LV
  • Different Earthing Systems in MV
  • Circulation of Earth Fault Current
  • How to Adjust Earth Fault Relay settings
  • Directional Earth Fault Protection
  • Principle of Directional Protection
  • Difficulties in Differential Protection and solutions
  • Percentage (Biased) Differential Relay
  • Voltage Balance Differential Relay
  • Why We Need Distance Protection
  • Distance Protection
  • Universal Relay Torque Equation and Its Applications
  • Impedance (Plain) Distance Relay
  • Reactance Relay
  • Mho Relay
  • Difference Between Overreach & Underreach in Distance Protection
  • Stepped Distance Protection and Its Settings
  • Difference Between Different Switching Devices
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Arc Phenomena in Circuit Breaker
  • Methods of Arc Interruption in Circuit Breaker
  • Restriking Voltage & Recovery Voltage
  • Circuit Breaker Ratings
  • Large Oil Circuit Breaker
  • Operation of Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker
  • Air blast Circuit Breaker
  • Operation of Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Excessive Start-Up Time & Locked Rotor Protection
  • Undercurrent Protection
  • Overvoltage & Undervoltage Protection
  • Overfrequency & Underfrequency Protection
  • Earth Fault Protection

Course Summary

  1. Fundamentals of Power System Protection
  2. Zones of Protection
  3. Study of Electric Faults
  4. Establishment of Short Circuit Currents
  5. Consequences of Short Circuit Faults
  6. Introduction to Protection Relays
  7. Electromechanical Relays
  8. Advanced Modern Protection Relays
  9. Current Transformers (CTs)
  10. Voltage Transformers
  11. Overcurrent Protection (ANSI 50-51)
  12. Directional Overcurrent Protection (ANSI 67)
  13. Earth Fault Protection (ANSI 50-51N)
  14. Directional Earth fault Protection (ANSI 67N)
  15. Differential Protection (ANSI 87)
  16. Distance Protection (ANSI 21)
  17. Introduction to Circuit Breakers
  18. Types of High Voltage Circuit Breakers
  19. Other Protection Functions and Their Applications

Who Is This Course For

  • Anyone who wants to learn electric protection and control from scratch
  • Electrical Engineering Students
  • Electrical Engineering Graduates
  • Electrical Engineers who work in the field of substations and switchgears
  • Electrical Control Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Power/Utility Engineer


  • Passion to learn electric protection
  • The basic electrical principles

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following materials:

  1. Trip and control circuit schemes of signaling between relays and circuit breakers (PDF)
  2. The basics of power system protection that every engineer should know about (PDF)
  3. Relay protection failures and their impact on the 380 kV substation reliability (PDF)
  4. Practical handbook for relay protection engineers (PDF)
  5. Overcurrent protection study for power network (solving relay setting miss-coordination) (PDF)
  6. Lecture notes in relay protection for students (generator, motor and transformer) (PDF)
  7. Lecture notes in power system protection (PDF)
  8. Advanced protection scheme for power transformers based on IEC 61850 standard (PDF)

Course slides:

  1. Fundamentals of Power System Protection (PDF)
  2. Zones of Protection (PDF)
  3. Study of Electric Faults (PDF)
  4. Establishment of Short Circuit Currents (PDF)
  5. Consequences of Short Circuit Faults (PDF)
  6. Introduction to Protective Relays (PDF)
  7. Electromechanical Protection Relays (PDF)
  8. Advanced Protection Relays (PDF)
  9. Current Transformers - CTs (PDF)
  10. Voltage Transformers - VTs (PDF)
  11. Overcurrent Protection - ANSI 5051 (PDF)
  12. Directional Over Current Protection - ANSI 67 (PDF)
  13. Earth Fault Protection - ANSI 5051N (PDF)
  14. Directional Earth Fault Protection - ANSI 67N (PDF)
  15. Differential Protection - ANSI 87 (PDF)
  16. Distance Protection - ANSI 21 (PDF)
  17. Introduction to Circuit Breakers (PDF)
  18. Types of HV Circuit Breakers (PDF)
  19. Other protection functions and their applications (PDF)

Course Content

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About Instructor

Amr Saleh

I'm an Electrical Power and Machines Engineering Teaching Assistant at Ain Shams University. Throughout my career, I have taught many courses related to different topics of electrical power engineering, including Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Machines, High Voltage and Electric controls and protection. I gained knowledge in these areas of Electrical Engineering during my undergraduate studies and my Masters's degree, as well as during my professional career.

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