Industrial Electrical Panels Design Course

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Learn the main features of industrial electrical panels (cabinets) starting from the basics, major accessories you can see inside, and design recommendations using AutoCAD. Examples from real-world projects and applications are included. 16 lessons in 1h 20m total course length.



This course introduces to students the main features of industrial electrical panels. The course starts with the basics (such as materials, IP rating, and the color of cabinets used) and then going forward by presenting all the major accessories most industrial electrical cabinets (should) have. This course is recommended to everyone interested in working in the electrical engineering field. It is essential for electrical engineers to learn the basics of electrical panels and to recognize their main parts and features.

Our field of occupation mainly revolves around electrical panels. This is where most of our equipment finds a place and where you will conduct most of your work.

Whether you work in the maintenance, PLC programmer, electrical designer or an electrician, we are sure that you will find this course very useful in your daily work. The course is real-life oriented and with many examples from real-world projects and applications.

Course Summary

  • Cabinet types, materials, IP rating, and mechanical configurations
  • Cable entry recommendations and practice – wire duct for the cables
  • Busbars and wire ducts across enclosures in a baying system
  • Common elements on the door of an electrical cabinet
  • Thermostat, fan, lighting, socket, and limit switch in an electrical cabinet
  • Mounting the neutral and ground busbar in a high power electrical cabinet
  • Recapitulation on the things we learned – on a real project with as-built photos

For more information and video preview, please visit the course page:

Industrial Electrical Panels Design Course


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