Drafting of Low Voltage Electrical Systems in AutoCAD

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This course introduces the basic range of Electrical Building Services including the topics: electrical legends, lighting layouts, raw power layouts, wiring layouts, conduit layouts, cable trays, CCTV systems, etc. You will be confident in using AutoCAD to draw the electrical plans after you finished this course.
107 lessons in 7h 2m total course length.



This course covers low voltage electrical systems, and it’s particularly designed to introduce you, help you, and train you in electrical drafting using AutoCAD. It will enhance your career and make you a skilled professional design engineer in the field of electrical drafting. Electrical drafting is a key role in the Electrical design field. This is a fast-paced program designed to present all major topics related to the design of Electrical Building Services. Learners will learn concept theory of drafting, system design, AutoCAD software, and Electrical services drafting.

Course Sections

To make learning easy and interesting, the completed course is divided into three sections:

  1. Basics of Electrical Drafting
  2. AutoCAD Software
  3. Electrical Services Drafting

In the first section ‘Basics of Electrical Drafting‘, we’ll discuss some basic means of drafting, why the drafting of plans is needed and important and how these drawings are helpful for the world. We’ll also discuss some essential steps that every designer should follow in drafting the plans in AutoCAD or any other software.

In the ‘AutoCAD Software‘ section, we will discuss how to work with AutoCAD, how to make changes in AutoCAD settings, project settings, etc., how to draw figures and edit them, modify the existing figures and much more.

Finally, in the third section ‘Electrical Services Drafting ‘ you will be introduced to the electrical services layouts. Starting with the Electrical Legends where you will learn how to draw electrical symbols in AutoCAD, we will move to the Single Line Diagram (SLD) of the low voltage system.

SLD is the heart of the electrical system not only in the execution phase but also during execution, operation and maintenance.

Special attention is paid to the lighting layouts, how to draw lighting fixtures layout, how to create normal and power sockets layouts. You will learn electrical wiring layouts, how to develop a Lighting Control Wiring layout, conduits layouts, and cable tray layouts. At the final of this section, you will learn CCTV system layouts, how to draw CCTV legends, where to provide CCTV cameras and where not, how to interconnect them, etc.

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Drafting of Low Voltage Electrical Systems in AutoCAD

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