ETAP Power System Protection and Coordination Analysis Course

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Learn how to perform protection and coordination analysis of the electrical systems using ETAP software (overcurrent and earth fault protection, ring main system, voltage-dependent relay coordination, parallel multiple sources, etc.). 13 lessons in 3h 9m total course length.


The purpose of this course is to learn how to perform protection and coordination analysis of electrical systems using ETAP software. The course covers a range of ETAP functionalities used to design and solve various protection and coordination problems in power systems. The course will teach you the basics of single-line diagram creation with the respect to the protection and coordination analysis as well as data entry.

You will learn how to achieve protection coordination between overcurrent and earth fault protection relays, protection coordination in ring-main systems and power systems with parallel multiple sources and finally voltage-dependent relay coordination fundamentals for a generator. Wherever possible, the topics are explained with hand calculations and results are compared with ETAP software so that it becomes easier for the attendees to understand the concepts.

The purpose of the protection coordination study is to verify that the various protection devices such as relays, breakers, fuses etc in the electrical system, are coordinated correctly and are sized appropriately for the equipment that they are protecting.

Course Content

  1. Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection and Coordination Analysis Fundamentals
  2. Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection and Coordination Analysis Example
  3. Automated Protection and Coordination (Star Auto-Evaluation)
  4. Understanding of CT Polarity
  5. Ring Main System Coordination Fundamental
  6. Ring Main System Coordination Example
  7. Protection and Coordination of Parallel Multiple Sources Fundamentals and Example
  8. Voltage-Dependent Relay Coordination Fundamentals For Generator
  9. Voltage-Dependent Relay Coordination Example For Generator

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