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Edvard Csanyi

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Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of EEP. Highly specialized for design of LV/MV switchgears and LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations, commercial buildings and industry facilities. Professional in AutoCAD programming.


Electric Motor

Identity Card of Every Asynchronous Motor

A motor is characterized by different electrical and constructional parameters which identify its correct application field. The whole of all these parameters constitutes the rating of the machine and is… Read more

Nov 18, 2013 | By Edvard Csanyi

Identity Card of Every Asynchronous Motor
Electric Motor

4 motor designs identified in NEMA MG1

Performance requirements for various types of induction motors for use on standard sinewave power supplies are identified in NEMA MG1. Some of these types of motors are suitable for use… Read more

Nov 01, 2013 | By Edvard Csanyi

4 motor designs identified in NEMA MG1
Energy and Power

What’s That Hissing, Cracking, Buzzing Noise?

Corona can be visible in the form of light, typically a purple glow, as corona generally consists of micro arcs. Darkening the environment can help to visualize the corona. We… Read more

Oct 30, 2013 | By Edvard Csanyi

What's that hissing, cracking, buzzing noise?

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