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Jignesh Parmar

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Jignesh Parmar has completed M.Tech (Power System Control), B.E (Electrical). He is member of Institution of Engineers (MIE), India. He has more than 13 years experience in transmission & distribution-energy theft detection and maintenance electrical projects.

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Autotransformer Connection Explained

An Ordinary Transformer consists of two windings called primary winding and secondary winding. These two windings are magnetically coupled and electrically isolated. But the transformer in which a part of… Read more

Jul 02, 2012 | jiguparmar

High efficiency autotransformer with 6%, 4%, 2% tap settings

ZigZag Transformer Connection Overview

The zigzag connection of tranformer is also called the interconnected star connection.  This connection has some of the features of the Y and the ∆ connections, combining the advantages of… Read more

Jun 15, 2012 | jiguparmar

Zigzag Grounding Transformer

Star-Delta Transformer Connection Overview

In this type of transformer connection, then primary is connected in star fashion while the secondary is connected in delta fashion as shown in the Figure 1 below. The voltages… Read more

Jun 10, 2012 | jiguparmar

General Electric power transformer nameplate (50 MVA Substation Power Transformer with Load Tap Changer)

Understanding Vector Group of Transformer (2)

Continued from first part Understanding Vector Group of Transformer (part 1) Vector Groups are the IEC method of categorizing the primary and secondary winding configurations of 3-phase transformers. Windings can… Read more

Jun 04, 2012 | jiguparmar

220kV Class 110kV Class Single Phase Traction Transformer

Transformer Connection Star-Star

The windings of three phase transformers may be connected in by Y or Δ in the same manner as for three single phase transformer. Since the secondary’s may be connected either in… Read more

May 23, 2012 | jiguparmar

Dry type cast resin transformer