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Emmanouil Angeladas

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Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Hellas. Electrical engineer working at Center of Renewable Energy Sources. I work in the field of maintenance, functional test and installation of measuring systems, including wind potential measurements in areas where wind turbines will be installed. I'm highly interested in HVDC systems, Fuel Cells technology and Microgrids.


Transmission and Distribution

Voltage Distribution In a Suspension Insulator Strain

A suspension insulator strain consists of a series of alternately insulators and metal parts, which bind each insulator to the next. This constitutes a series of connected capacitors, with each… Read more

Jul 01, 2013 | By Emmanouil Angeladas

Voltage Distribution In a Suspension Insulator Strain
Energy and Power

Smart Grids and The New Age of Energy

Network planning Power electronics (HVDC/FACTS) Bulk renewable integration Energy Management System (EMS) Smart substation automation and protection Integrated Substation Condition Monitoring (ISCM) Communication Solutions Distribution Management System (DMS) Distribution automation… Read more

Apr 24, 2013 | By Emmanouil Angeladas

Smart Grids and The New Age of Energy
High Voltage

High Voltage Substations Overview (part 2)

Continued from first part: High Voltage Substations Overview (part 1) Transformers are used for the transformation of high and medium voltage to low voltage, flanked by specific protective devices and… Read more

Jan 26, 2013 | By Emmanouil Angeladas

High Voltage Substations Overview (part 2)
High Voltage

High voltage substations overview (part 1)

High voltage substations are interconnection points within the power transmission and distribution systems between regions and countries. Different applications of substations lead to HV substations with and without power transformers: Step… Read more

Jan 25, 2013 | By Emmanouil Angeladas

Substations and Distribution Substations Overview

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