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Archive: Category «Industrial Automation»

Automation Migration Strategy in 3 Phases

Owing to competitive pressures in the marketplace, a company often needs to introduce a new product in the shortest possible time. The easiest and least expensive way to accomplish this… Read more

Oct 27, 2014 | Edvard

Let’s start learning the PLC programming

For managing and control of the electrical systems there once were used electromechanical relays. In time as tehnology advanced came and PLC devices (Programable Logics Controlers). Advantage of an PLC… Read more

Mar 17, 2014 | Vlada Markovic

Let's start learning the PLC programming

Motor Starting via Chokes or Resistors

The series-connected chokes (Figure 1) or resistors (Figure 2) reduce the voltage at the motor and hence also the starting current. The starting torque is reduced by around the square… Read more

Mar 07, 2014 | Edvard

Motor Starting via Chokes or Resistors

4 motor designs identified in NEMA MG1

Performance requirements for various types of induction motors for use on standard sinewave power supplies are identified in NEMA MG1. Some of these types of motors are suitable for use… Read more

Nov 01, 2013 | Edvard

4 motor designs identified in NEMA MG1

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