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The basics of primary medium voltage switchgear

Primary medium voltage switchgear represents an important part within the primary distribution substation functionality. The switchgear works as a connection node between the outgoing distribution feeders and the in-feeding power transformers. The most common construction… Read more

Dec 14, 2015 | Edvard

Basics Of Primary Medium Voltage Switchgear

The Design Basics Of Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

Application-specific variations of the MCCB, these breakers combine the short-circuit and isolation functionality of the MCCB with the motor overcurrent protection of a traditional overload relay. MPCBs are UL 489 Listed as circuit breakers and verified… Read more

Dec 07, 2015 | Edvard

Learn Design Of Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

Learn How To Specify Current Transformers

Current transformers are used to supply information to the protective relays and/or current, power and energy metering “instruments”. For this purpose they must supply a secondary current proportional to the primary current flowing through them… Read more

Dec 05, 2015 | Edvard

Learn How To Specify Current Transformers

Automatic Transfer System (ATS) Explained in Details

Using the basic building blocks of utility power, system topology, on-site generation, and uninterruptible power supplies, the basic role of the automatic transfer system may now be defined. In this role, the Automatic Transfer System… Read more

Nov 20, 2015 | Edvard

Operational Requirments of Automatic Transfer System

Stop Transformer Noise With These Rules and Techniques

There are a number of basic installation precautions and transformer mounting techniques which if carefully noted and followed, will minimize the audible sound level (noise) of energized transformers. Some of the more pertinent ones are… Read more

Nov 07, 2015 | Edvard

Stop Transformer Yelling With These Rules and Techniques

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