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Energy and Power

Effect of Lightning Strike on Electrical Lines

The foregoing discussion concentrated on the principles of lightning strikes and how their effects can be mitigated. However, lightning strikes on electrical lines or substations are those that cause problems… Read more

Jul 20, 2012 | By Edvard

Effect of lightning strike on electrical lines
Energy and Power

Definitions from the Standard UL 489 (MCCB)

The requirements of this standard cover molded-case circuit breakers (MCCB), circuit breaker and ground-fault circuit-interrupters, fused circuit breakers, and accessory high-fault protectors. These circuit breakers are specifically intended to provide… Read more

Jul 12, 2012 | By Edvard

Definitions from the Standard UL 489 (MCCB)
Energy and Power

Delta-Star Transformer Connection Overview

In this type of connection, the primary connected in delta fashion while the secondary current is connected in star. The main use of this connection is to step up the… Read more

Jul 10, 2012 | By jiguparmar

GE Transformer delta-star nameplate
Electrical Lectures

Fundamental Concepts of Insulation Testing

Probably 80% of all testing performed in electrical power systems is related to the verification of insulation quality. This technical article briefly describes the fundamental concepts of insulation testing including… Read more

Jul 07, 2012 | By Edvard

Fundamental concepts of insulation testing
Energy and Power

Delta-Delta Transformer Connection Overview

In this type of connection, both the three phase primary and secondary windings are connected in delta as shown in the Figure 1: The voltages on primary and secondary sides… Read more

Jul 06, 2012 | By jiguparmar

Delta-Delta Transformer Connection Overview
Energy and Power

Autotransformer Connection Explained

An ordinary transformer consists of two windings called primary winding and secondary winding. These two windings are magnetically coupled and electrically isolated. But the transformer in which a part of… Read more

Jul 02, 2012 | By jiguparmar

High efficiency autotransformer with 6%, 4%, 2% tap settings
Energy and Power

Substation Switching Schemes

This technical article is intended to provide description and comparison of single line options for a DESN substation. The goal is to provide an analytical comparison for all options so… Read more

Jun 26, 2012 | By Edvard

Switching Scheme Of Substation
Energy and Power

Commissioning of Electrical Equipment

To verify system condition after has been energized with rated system (service) voltage for which it is designed. Also to ensure the protection, metering system for correct directionality. Multimeter Phase… Read more

Jun 25, 2012 | By Edvard

Commissioning of Electrical Equipment (on photo OKKEN Low Voltage Switchgear - Schneider Electric)
Energy and Power

Circuit breakers classified by interrupting medium

A circuit breaker is defined as “a mechanical switching device capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also making, carrying and breaking for a specified… Read more

Jun 20, 2012 | By Edvard

Oil circuit breakers
Electrical Lectures

Dielectric Strength Of Insulator Materials

The atoms in insulating materials have very tightly-bound electrons, resisting free electron flow very well. However, insulators cannot resist indefinite amounts of voltage. With enough voltage applied, any insulating material… Read more

Jun 14, 2012 | By Edvard

Medium voltage self-amalgamating insulating compound tape

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