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Energy and Power

Arriving at the scene of a pole fire. What to do?

Utility pole fires are common and should be treated with great respect by firefighters. Pole fires are normally caused by the failure of insulators, switches, catastrophic failure of transformers or… Read more

May 21, 2014 | By Edvard

Power Substation

6 Simple Rules to Ensure Substation Safety

Another extremely important substation engineering aspect is associated with safety protection. It is fair to say that safety is always a No. 1 priority in substation design, operation and maintenance…. Read more

Jan 27, 2014 | By Edvard

6 Simple Rules to Ensure Substation Safety
Energy and Power

4 General Safety Practices To Remember ALWAYS!

In addition to the safety precautions (access to HV enclosures and work on HV electrical equipment) the following general safety practices should be ALWAYS observed for work on electrical equipment…. Read more

Oct 09, 2013 | By Edvard

4 General Safety Practices To Remember ALWAYS When Working On Electrical Equipment

How Do We Define Hazardous Areas?

The first requirement is to know what a hazardous area is. The principal factors relevant to the classifications of a hazardous area are the nature of the gases or dust… Read more

Feb 09, 2013 | By Edvard

How Do We Define Hazardous Areas?

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