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Archive: Category «Transmission and Distribution»

The Purpose of High Voltage Circuit Switchers

Circuit switchers have been developed to overcome some of the limitations of fusing for substation power transformers. Circuit switchers have SF6 gas interrupters and are designed to provide three-phase interruption… Read more

Nov 16, 2012 | Edvard

Vertical interrupter circuit switcher without integral disconnect switch

Transformers Are Never Silent

Yes, we all know that transformers are never silent. This is actually quite impossible, but in an environmentally aware, highly regulated world, the issue is not the level of noise,… Read more

Oct 29, 2012 | Edvard

A three-phase oil transformer 225 MVA, 275 kV

Overcurrent protection of transformer (NEC 450.3)

The overcurrent protection required for transformers is consider for Protection of Transformer only. Such overcurrent protection will not necessarily protect the primary or secondary conductors or equipment connected on the… Read more

Oct 08, 2012 | jiguparmar

Overcurrent protection of transformer (NEC 450.3)

Designing of HV Power Substation and Layout

Introduction Earthing and Bonding Substation Earthing Calculation Methodology (Earthing Materials) Layout of Substation Different Layouts for Substations (single busbar, mesh, 1 1/2 cb) Principle of Substation Layouts (spatial separation, maintenance zones) Components of… Read more

Oct 01, 2012 | sprabakar22

Designing of High Voltage Power Substation and Layout

An Overview Of Smart Power Grid

The present electric grids use the technology of 1970’s. But with the advancement in various concepts of power generation, problems associated with power outages and thefts, and also due to… Read more

Aug 20, 2012 | vinod ramireddy

An Overview Of Smart Power Grid

Delayed Auto-Reclosing On EHV Systems

On highly interconnected transmission systems, where the loss of a single line is unlikely to cause two sections of the system to drift apart significantly and lose synchronism, delayed auto-reclosing can be employed…. Read more

Aug 11, 2012 | Edvard

Delayed auto-reclose scheme logic