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Introduction to testing

Low voltage switchgear can often be a very complex and expensive piece of electrical equipment, usually representing one of the most critical and crucial parts of the project. In order to ensure that such important equipment is designed and will operate properly, some standardized procedures shall be conducted during the project.

The most important precautions during commissioning and start up of LV switchgear
The most important precautions during commissioning and start up of LV switchgear (photo credit: EATON)

These procedures that should be conducted are:

  1. Definition of design task and requirements
  2. Design
  3. Design verification and approval
  4. Request for quotations, offers evaluation, equipment approval and purchasing (procurement)
  5. Assembling
  6. Factory testing, i.e. factory acceptance test (FAT)
  7. Delivery and installation
  8. Site testing, i.e. site acceptance test (SAT)
  9. Startup
  10. Taking over procedure and defect notification period
  11. Maintenance

This procedure is especially important and clearly recognized within FIDIC contracts and corresponding projects.

What is commissioning and start-up

Under commissioning, we assume various activities related to testing, verifications, approvals, consents, and similar, by which LV switchgear (or any other equipment) is gradually submitted for use to the employer by the contractor.

All these activities are usually followed by adequate documentation. It is important to understand that commissioning is not only technical but also administrative, i.e. legal category.

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