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Did Tesla Discover the Secrets of Antigravity?
The first of four candid photos taken of Tesla at a press conference at the Hotel New Yorker July 10, 1935, his seventy-ninth birthday.

Nikola Tesla has been credited for the creation of much of the technology that we take for granted today.

Without the genius of Tesla we would not have:

  • Radio,
  • Television,
  • AC electricity,
  • Tesla coil,
  • Flourescent lighting,
  • Neon lighting,
  • Radio control devices,
  • Robotics,
  • X-rays,
  • Radar,
  • Microwaves and
  • Dozens of other amazing inventions.

Quite an impressive list you must say.

Because of this, it is no surprise that Tesla also delved into the world of flight and possibly, antigravity. In fact, his last patent in 1928 (#6,555,114), was for a flying machine that resembled both a helicopter and an airplane.

Before he died, Tesla reportedly devised plans for the engine of a spaceship. He called it the anti-electromagnetic field drive or Space Drive.

William R. Lyne writes in Occult Ether Physics (Creatopia Productions), that a lecture Tesla prepared for the Institute of Immigrant Welfare (May. 12, 1938), dealt with his Dynamic Theory of Gravity. Tesla said in his lecture that this was: “One of two far reaching discoveries, which I worked out in all details in the years 1893 and 1894.”

While researching Tesla’s statements, Lyne discovered that more complete statements concerning these discoveries could only be gleaned from scattered and sparse sources, because Tesla’s papers are concealed in government vaults for national security reasons. When Lyne specifically asked for these papers at the National Security Research Center (now the Robert J. Oppenheimer Research Center) in 1979, he was denied access because they were still classified.

In his 1938 lecture, Tesla said he was progressing with the work, and hoped to give the theory to the world very soon.


The two great discoveries to which Tesla referred, were:

1. The Dynamic Theory of Gravity

Which assumed a field of force which accounts for the motions of bodies in space.

Assumption of this field of force dispenses with the concept of space curvature (ala Einstein); the ether has an indispensable function in the phenomena (of universal gravity, inertia, momentum, and movement of heavenly bodies, as well as all atomic and molecular matter).

2. Environmental Energy

The Discovery of a new physical Truth: there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment. (Which goes against Einstein’s E=mc2).

The usual Tesla birthday announcement – on his 79th birthday (1935) – Tesla made a brief reference to the theory saying it applies to molecules and atoms as well as to the largest heavenly bodies, and to “… all matter in the universe in any phase of its existence from its very formation to its ultimate disintegration“.

In an article, Man’s Greatest Achievement, Tesla outlined his Dynamic Theory of Gravity by saying that the luminiferous ether fills all space. The ether is acted upon by the life-giving creative force and is thrown into “infinitesimal whirls” (“micro helices“) at near the speed of light, becoming ponderable matter. When the force subsides and motion ceases, matter reverts to the ether (a form of “atomic decay”).

Man can harness these processes to: Precipitate matter from the ether. Create whatever he wants with the matter and energy derived. Alter the earth’s size. Control earth’s seasons (weather control). Guide earth’s path through the Universe, like a spaceship. Cause the collisions of planets to produce new suns and stars, heat, and light. Originate and develop life in infinite forms.

When Tesla was 82, instead of speaking at a dinner party, he issued a written statement. Although this was soon after he had been struck by a car, his mind was obviously still capable of mounting an attack on Einstein’s theory of relativity:

“I have worked out a dynamic theory of gravity in all details and hope to give this to the world very soon.”

It explains the causes of this force and the motions of heavenly bodies under its influence so satisfactorily that it will put an end to idle speculations and false conceptions, as that of curved space.

According to the relativists, space has a tendency to curvature owing to an inherent property or presence of celestial bodies. “Granting a semblance of reality to this fantastic idea, it is still very self-contradictory. Every action is accompanied by an equivalent reaction and the effects of the latter are directly opposite to those of the former. Supposing that the bodies act upon the surrounding space causing curvature of the same, it appears to my simple mind that the curved spaces must react on the bodies and, producing the opposite effects, straighten out the curves.

“Since action and reaction are coexistent, it follows that the supposed curvature of space is entirely impossible – However, even if it existed it would not explain the motions of the bodies as observed. Only the existence of a field of force can account for them and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion.”

It is a great pity that Tesla never published his dynamic theory of gravity.

Modern thinking about gravity suggests that when a heavy object moves it emits gravitational waves that radiate at the speed of light. These gravity waves behave in similar ways to many other types of waves. Tesla’s greatest inventions were all based on the study of waves. He always considered sound, light, heat, X-rays and radio waves to be related phenomena that could be studied using the same sort of maths.

His differences with Einstein suggest that he had extended this thinking to gravity.

In the 1980s he was proved to be right. A study of energy loss in a double neutron star pulsar called PSR 1913 + 16 proved that gravity waves exist. Tesla’s idea that gravity is a field effect is now taken more seriously than Einstein took it.

Unfortunately, Tesla never revealed what had led him to this conclusion.

He never explained his theory of gravitation to the world. The attack he made on Einstein’s work was considered outrageous by the scientific establishment of the time, and only now do we have enough understanding of gravity to realize that he was right.

Resource: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla (Get it from Amazon)

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  1. Professor Gabriel Francis Akpan
    Dec 26, 2022

    Nikola Tesla was an Excellent Engineering and Applied Philosopher in the 21st Century Scientific Research Genius.

  2. Val Rousseau
    Oct 31, 2022

    There is a lot of bullshit on the web about Nikola Tesla!

  3. Nikola Milovic
    Aug 30, 2021

    First of all, one should know the processes of matter formation and after that try to understand what relationship the formed types of matter have with the substance Aether.
    I know that Tesla, as my compatriot, understood Aether correctly, but he did not have time to study the first type of matter, and that is the mass that causes the appearance of gravity with Aether.
    Another type of matter is the energy state, which is electromagnetism, which is caused by the relationship between Aether and free gluons. Even today’s science does not understand that, and that is why it invents many theories with which it tries to “decipher” its misunderstanding of the organization of the universe.
    Since gravity is a force, it does not possess any material-temporal-spatial properties and therefore there are neither gravitons nor gravitational waves.
    I deal with the laws that govern the masses, and Tesla dealt with the laws that are the action of electromagnetism, which causes all possible types of wave motions and all the enigmas about which science knows almost nothing.
    I possess explanations of all the causes and kinds of motion of celestial bodies, even particles.
    With this proof, I can solve at least 80% of previous scientific unknowns in this field.
    If I find any scientific institution that is interested in making science smarter and moving in the right direction of understanding the true causes of phenomena in the universe, I am ready to publish it all, respecting the Copyright !!

    • Whit
      Mar 24, 2022

      Let’s chat, thanks

    • Ken Dayway
      Dec 10, 2022

      Hi there! I just read your comment that you wrote over a year ago, in which you stated that you know the real truth how “gravity”, aether and the whole universe works. Have you published your theory somewhere yet? If not, please do so, and do several copies of it and upload them all over the internet quickly. I know that, that kind of information is information that they want to keep in secret.

      I would love to hear a bit more about your thoughts on Tesla and this new theory of yours in a nutshell, you know..

      Please contact me by email:
      [email protected]

      Wish you all the best and keep searching for the truth. Have a good one!

      – Kennet

    • Professor Gabriel Francis Akpan
      Dec 26, 2022

      Singularity University
      Website:-http : // www . SU . org
      IN: Berlin Digital University of Science and Technology, Berlin – Germany.
      Website:-https : // www . academia . edu

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