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ABB Drives – Technical Guide Book
ABB Drives – Technical Guide Book

Set of 9 merged guides

This unique technical guide consist of nine guides that ABB has published during the years. Each of them you can find and review on the main ABB’s page.

Here is the list of guides included in this guide:

1. Direct Torque Control

Explains what DTC is; why and how it has evolved; the basic theory behind its success; and the features and benefi ts of this new technology.

Review guide

2. EU Council Directives and adjustable speed drive systems

Is to give a straightforward explanation of how the various EU Council Directives relate to Power Drive Systems.

Review guide

3. EMC compliant installation and configuration for a power drive system

Assists design and installation personnel when trying to ensure compliance with the requirements of the EMC Directive in the user’s systems and installations when using AC Drives.

Review guide

4. Guide to variable speed drives

Describes basics of different variable speed drives (VSD) and how they are used in industrial processes.

Review guide

5. Bearing currents in modern AC drive systems

Explains how to avoid damages.

Review guide

6. Guide to harmonics with AC drives

Describes harmonic distortion, its sources and effect, and also distortion calculation and evaluation with special attention to the methods for reducing harmonics with AC drives.

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7. Dimensioning of a drive system

Making dimensioning correctly is the fastest way of saving money. Biggest savings can be achieved by avoiding very basic mistakes. These dimensioning basics and beyond can be found in this guide.

Review guide

8. Electrical braking

Describes the practical solutions available in reducing stored energy and transferring stored energy back into electrical energy.

Review guide

9. Guide to motion control drives

Gives an overview of high performance drives and motion control.

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Title: Technical guide book (9 guides) – ABB
Format: PDF
Size: 5.27 MB
Pages: 446
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ABB Drives - Technical Guide Book
ABB Drives – Technical Guide Book

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  1. sukanta
    Aug 03, 2014

    i wantto knoe about ac drives

  2. Dragan Djuric
    Dec 04, 2013

    Edi, sajt ti je vrh!…svaka cast, toliko korisnih informacija i dokumenata

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