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Written by panel builders for panel builders

“Industrial Control Panels for General Application and Industrial Control Panels for Industrial Machinery for the North American Market” is a guide written by panel builders for panel builders.

Guide to Design of Industrial Control Panels
Guide to Design of Industrial Control Panels

The information contained in the manual is intended to assist panel builders. The typical circuit diagrams and interpretations of standards are not binding and do not claim to be complete regarding configuration, equipment or any other eventuality

The typical circuit diagrams and interpretations of standards do not represent specific customer solutions, but are only intended to provide support when it comes to typical applications.

You are responsible for ensuring that the products described are used correctly. The typical circuit diagrams and interpretations of standards do not relieve you of your responsibility to ensure safe handling when using, installing operating and maintaining the equipment.

When writing these guidelines, a lot of tables and texts were taken straight from the NEC 2008 or UL standards. All users must always check whether the items quoted are still up to date or not.

An example of calculating the main disconnecting means in the feeder circuit you will find within this guide
An example of calculating the main disconnecting means in the feeder circuit you will find within this guide

This information has been taken from various English documents and translated and interpreted back to the best of our knowledge. The original English version takes precedence in all cases. The information provided here will not in most cases be sufficient to attain approval, listing, certification or authorization.

Detailed knowledge of the corresponding regulations is needed for that.

Title:Industrial control panels for the North American market // UL guidelines – Siemens
Size:23.8 MB
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Guide to Industrial Control Panels
Guide to Industrial Control Panels

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  1. mmartinez
    May 09, 2024

    Your Portal is really very useful, do you have something abot design, installation, configuration and operation of a SCADA system for Hydroelectric Power Plant with Synchronous Geneartors and with Pelton and Francis Turbine Type and with storage reservoin for stattional regulation.
    Thanks a lot in advace

  2. Manasi Pankaj Kolhe
    Nov 23, 2023

    I am design engineer. Improve my knowledge please send LV, MV control panel articles and design notes

  3. Godwin Alozie
    Mar 07, 2023

    Hi !
    Please I need a book from you that will guide me to become a confident electricial panel builder.
    Thank you.

  4. mahdi mohammadi
    Jan 20, 2023

    Hello to the creator of you and me. Hello brother, I am calling you from Iran, my foreign language is not very strong, sorry if there are any mistakes. I have two citizenships, my father is Afghani, my mother is Iranian. Now, I am a manufacturer of industrial machines and industrial electrical panels, and I have patented several devices. Here is a machine shop and industrial electrical panels such as plc.inverter. I am working professionally. I am not satisfied with my work and income here. I would like to travel to your country. If you need young people, I would like to join you. If you want, send a message or call to discuss your work. I will send it to you. Thank you

  5. Narendra Singh
    Jan 16, 2023

    Please share the control panel design book in pdf format.

  6. Samson Olaniyi
    Sep 20, 2021

    I am into design and fabrication of industrial electrical panels for industries. I need necessary design technical documents that will enhance my products from your company

  7. Bitebo Numbere
    Aug 13, 2021

    I would like to buy your text books.

    Aug 10, 2021

    USEFUL in nature and descriptive good knowledge

  9. harischandra bhaurao shinde
    Mar 31, 2021

    The electrical power control center

  10. hon
    Nov 08, 2020

    thank you.

  11. P.SitaRamaRao
    Apr 10, 2020

    It is of immence knowledge to me.

  12. Tedros Araya
    Aug 30, 2019

    Hi mate much appreciate your contributions towards the industry.
    I just wondering if you can get me reference on how to make, selections & specification switch board and control panels.

    Best regards

  13. Dell Woodmansee
    Jul 24, 2019

    Hello, I have a question. In our industrial enclosure, typically from our main circuit breaker we run to a power distribution block and start our tap conductors to our various circuits. This is straight forward tap rule.
    When using a MCB with multiple secondary lugs, when we have a large single load, to run from one of the lugs to a CB for a large VFD (for example), and from the other lugs to a power distribution block (reduced in size but sized per loads) to then tapped from there (distribution block) for the smaller circuits. Since we have split at the wiring from the MCB, is the taps below the distribution block considered a tap of tap hence illegal?

  14. Sakthivel.s
    Mar 02, 2019

    HiiI am looking for a training book for me about electrical designingbook

    Oct 31, 2018

    am a beginner , how learn these all

  16. Suresh Kumar
    Sep 04, 2018

    electrical busbar panel design guide required

  17. Agbor Roland
    Apr 10, 2018

    Please can you give me the power and control circuit diagram of AUTOMATIC START GENERATOR WHEN MAIN POWER FAILS.

  18. mehdi
    Oct 27, 2017

    please im looking for some document about the model of network and short circuit calculation (symmetry component and impedance methode reduce values …)

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