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Electrical books and guides

This is third part of Electrical engineering guides and useful handbooks for electricians, students and experienced electrical engineers.

Nikola Tesla - Serbian-American inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer
Nikola Tesla – Serbian-American inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer

All documents, EE software and EE books are free to download. Note that this is the third part of this section with electrical engineering guides and handbooks. Hopefully there will be other parts in the future!

EE Guides Part-1EE Guides Part-2 | EE Guides Part-3

No. Description Download
*** Power Substation Guides – FOLDER .
*** Electricity generation, transmission and distribution guides – FOLDER .
*** Schneider Electric – Cahier Techniques – FOLDER .
*** ABB Drives – Technical Guides – FOLDER .
*** Siemens – Basics of Energy and Automation – FOLDER .
*** Relays In Details (Including Protective Relays) – FOLDER .
81 Basic Knowledge Of AC Electrical Generators star .
82 Electrical Installations On Construction Sites star .
83 Lessons In Electrical Circuits – Semiconductors New star .
84 Electrical Protection Handbook .
85 Grounding and Bonding For Electrical Systems .
86 The Lighting Handbook (by Zumtobel) New star .
87 Metering Best Practices – A Guide to Achieving Utility Resource Efficiency New .
88 The Most Complete Handbook Of Architectural Lighting Design .
89 Electrical energy efficiency of motors, cables, busbars and transformers .
90 Electrical Installation Guide 2016 .
91 Cable Installation Manual for Power and Control Cables .
92 Earthing design in electrical networks and installations .
93 Basic Circuit Theorems For Electrical Engineers Beginners .
94 Using Circuit Breakers For Direct Current (DC) Applications .
95 The Complete Guide to Electrical Wiring .
96 Electrical safety hazards awareness (with realistic work scenarios) .
97 Beginner’s guide to measurement in electrical engineering .
98 Guide to experimenting with wiring of electric circuits .
99 Complete cable tray manual for electrical engineers and designers .
100 Troubleshooting electrical devices with insulation resistance test instrument .
101 Practical guide to electrical grounding systems and applications .
102 Guidelines to basic electrical wiring in your home and similar locations .
103 Complete guide to electricity, magnetism and modern physics .
104 Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray systems New .
105 Selection, application and theory of surge protection devices (SPD) New .
106 A pragmatic introduction to the art of electrical engineering New .
107 Lessons in digital electric ciruits – Fundamentals of solving the problems New .
108 Electrical machines and appliances theory for engineers – beginners New .
109 Learn to handle a digital multimeter New .
110 Fundamentals of electrical and computer engineering New .
111 Lightning protection guide 2015 New .
112 Clamp-on method of ground testing (grounding system quality) New .
113 Residential electrical wiring guide for electricians New .
114 Electrical engineering manual for defence facilities and infrastructure New .
115 Basic principles of electrical grounding for electricians and technicians New .
116 Electrical safety manual for students and young electricians New .
117 Power distribution inside large buildings New .
118 Lecture notes in electrical measurements for EE students New .
119 Course on basic electrical technology – Electrical circuits, machines & measurements .
120 Basic AC/DC circuit theory, analysis and problems .
121 Testing and commissioning of electrical installations for students .
122 Electricity and magnetism textbook with exercises – Physics matters! .
123 Earthing fundamentals and best practical techniques handbook .
124 Basic electrical circuits and applications (wiring systems, enclosures and equipment) .
125 Current and Voltage Instrument Transformers – Technical and Applicaton Guide .
126 Electrical Inspection Checklists (Checking, Verifying and Reviewing Electrical Installations) .
127 Low resistance testing to ensure electrical system performance .
128 Course On AC Machines, Transformers, Rectifiers and Inverters, Electrical Drives and UPS .
129 Cable entrances to electrical installations and equipment and the equipotential bonding .
130 Step By Step Guide to Design and Functional Basics of Electric Cars .
131 AC/DC motors installation, principle of operation, troubleshooting and repair .
132 The basics of single-phase and three-phase AC circuits for students .
133 Tesla’s High Voltage and High Frequency Generators with Oscillatory Circuits .
134 Electrical engineering in the construction of new infrastructure and facilities .
135 The essence of coordinating the basic protective devices of the electrical power system .
136 Three-Phase Transformer Design (Geometry, Delta/Wye Connections, and Many More) .
137 Electrical Design Guide For Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities .
138 Three-Phase Transformer Design (Geometry, Delta/Wye Connections, and Many More) .
139 The Essentials Of DC Circuits (Methods Of Analysis, Laws and Theorems) .
140 Fundamental electrical knowledge and practical troubleshooting guide .
141 The Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering For Students .
142 Fundamentals Of Electrical Energy Systems For Students (Power Applications of Electricity) .
143 Electrical Design Calculations Needed For Projects (Examples Included) .
144 Directional Zone Selectivity in Low Voltage Radial, Ring and Meshed Networks .
145 Lecture Notes On Electrical Machines II (For Students B-Tech 4th Semester) .
146 Basic principles and operation of a transformer .
147 Use of capacitors to regulate the voltage in electrical networks .
148 How to successfully recognize power quality problems .
149 Design tips for lightning and surge protection systems .
150 The basics of electrical instruments and measurements (theory and applications) .
151 Harmonic distortion and power quality indices in electric power systems .
152 The basics of power transformer (theory, operation, testing and protection) .
153 The basics of power transformers in transmission and distribution grids .
154 Elements of Electrical Machines (Lecture Notes For Students) .
155 Lightning protection in a nutshell (design, bonding, earthing and testing – IEC 62305) .
156 Voltage drop calculations (formulas, phasor diagram and real-world examples) .
157 Learn selectivity and coordination in LV systems (fuses & circuit breakers curves) .
158 Power quality in industrial and commercial systems .
159 Fundamentals of electrical engineering – Lecture notes in 3-phase circuits .
160 Practical tips for selecting Residual Current Device (RCD) for your application .

EE Guides Part-1EE Guides Part-2 | EE Guides Part-3

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    Sep 10, 2019

    EEP is doing great service to practice of Electrical Engineering by publishing so much Literature which can be applied for day to day work.
    Your dedication is so much appreciated

  2. Samson Paul
    Jul 17, 2019


    Very good articles were published. How ever Complete SOLAR SYSTEM DESIGN was not there.

    Please would you upload that.

    Thank you.

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