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Introduction to power quality

Power Quality (PQ) related issues are of most concern nowadays. The widespread use of electronic equipment, such as information technology equipment, power electronics such as adjustable speed drives (ASD), programmable logic controllers (PLC), energy-efficient lighting, led to a complete change of electric loads nature.

Power quality problems and new solutions
Power quality problems and new solutions (photo by: Fernando Hidalgo Molina via Flickr)

These loads are simultaneously the major causers and the major victims of power quality problems.

Due to their non-linearity, all these loads cause disturbances in the voltage waveform.

Along with technology advance, the organization of the worldwide economy has evolved towards globalisation and the profit margins of many activities tend to decrease. The increased sensitivity of the vast majority of processes (industrial, services and even residential) to PQ problems turns the availability of electric power with quality a crucial factor for competitiveness in every activity sector.

The most critical areas are the continuous process industry and the information technology services. When a disturbance occurs, huge financial losses may happen, with the consequent loss of productivity and competitiveness.

Although many efforts have been taken by utilities, some consumers require a level of PQ higher than the level provided by modern electric networks. This implies that some measures must be taken in order to achieve higher levels of Power Quality.

Power Quality Characterization

Even the most advanced transmission and distribution systems are not able to provide electrical energy with the desired level of reliability for the proper functioning of the loads in modern society.

Modern T&D (transmission and distribution) systems are projected for 99,9 to 99,99% availability.

This value is highly dependant of redundancy level of the network, which is different according to the geographical location and the voltage level (availability is higher at the HV network). In some remote sites, availability of T&D systems may be as low as 99%. Even with a 99,99% level there is an equivalent interruption time of 52 minutes per year.

The most demanding processes in the modern digital economy need electrical energy with 99.9999999% availability (9-nines reliability) to function properly.
Typical distribution of PQ disturbances by its duration for a typical facility in 6 years (1992-97) in the US
Typical distribution of PQ disturbances by its duration for a typical facility in 6 years (1992-97) in the US

Between 1992 and 1997, EPRI carried out a study in the US to characterize the average duration of disturbances. The result for a typical site, during the 6-year period is presented above.

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Power Quality Problems and New Solutions
Power Quality Problems and New Solutions

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