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Principles of equipment cooling

You have studied the fundamentals and commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. This final volume deals with another phase of your career ladder-equipment cooling. Since the principles of equipment cooling are common to all refrigeration systems, your mastery of the subject should be easy. All of the systems covered in this volume can be applied to commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

To qualify you in equipment cooling, we will present the following systems in this volume:

  • Direct expansion
  • Absorption
  • Centrifugal
  • Water treatment
  • Centrifugal water pumps
  • Fundamentals of electronic controls
  • Electronic control

JUST WHAT DO we mean when we say “direct expansion”? In the dictionary we find that the word “direct” means an unbroken connection or a straight bearing of one upon or toward another; “expansion” relates to the act or process of expanding or growing (in size or volume). Now we can see that a direct expansion system for equipment cooling is one in which the controlled variable comes in direct contact with the single refrigerant source, thereby causing the liquid refrigerant to boil and expand.

The centrifugal and absorption systems differ in that that they us a secondary refrigerantwater or brine-to cool the variable.

Title: Refrigeration and air conditioning (equipment cooling)
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  1. Ravindra Tailor
    Nov 27, 2015

    I hope you will continue publishing this type of technical subjects.

  2. Ravindra Tailor
    Nov 27, 2015

    Good technical literature.

  3. Pieter@1
    Jun 04, 2012

    I did try to download some of your PDF FORMATS OF sIEMENS DRIVES DC and HVAC.
    Can you maybe send me the information regarding the Siemens drive DC and HVAC
    Refrigeration and air conditioning (equipment cooling).
    Looks like I been blocked to download it myself,is there away that you forward it to me.
    Thank you

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