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132/33/11 kV Kawasoti substation

Under the Project, a new 132/33/11 kV Kawasoti substation will be constructed with a transformer of 132/33 kV, 30 MVA. The new substation will receive power from a higher capacity 132 kV transmission line with greater reliability than the existing 33 kV sub-transmission line.

Design study for new 132/33/11 kV power substation in Kingdom of Nepal
Design study for new 132/33/11 kV power substation in Kingdom of Nepal

The 132 kV transmission line will be connected to the 33 kV transmission line system through the transformer to reinforce the 33 kV transmission line. As the result, there will be a drastic reduction in the voltage drops, power outages, and transmission line loss.

The exponential growth of power demand in the Kawasoti area has risen as a result of the industrial and commercial development caused by the diverse influx of settlers over a period of 5 years up to 2004.

Existing power supply to the Kawasoti area is by 33 kV sub-transmission line from Bharatpur Substation and by 11 kV distribution lines, which extend as one circuit from each existing 33/11 kV Kawasoti Substation and substations at the both ends of the Kawasoti area, the Bharatpur substation and Bardhaghat Substation.

But the installed capacities of the existing 33 kV and 11 kV facilities are not sufficient for the actual power demand.

The 33 kV sub-transmission line in this area has an excessive voltage drop beyond the value of 5% specified in the regulations for the country.

New 132/11kV substation is planned to be constructed in Kawasoti area
Since this original request plan is to increase the reliability of power supply suitable for increasing electricity demand by separating the load supplied by the existing 33/11kV substation, a new 132/11kV substation is planned to be constructed in Kawasoti area being fed from 132 kV transmission line.

There are frequently accidental blackouts on the 33 kV sub-transmission lines and the 11 kV distribution lines and the power supply has therefore become unstable. The transformer capacities of the existing substations will soon be below the required capacity.

The purpose of the project to improve the electrical supply system is to enhance and continue the improvement of living standards of the residents of the Kawasoti area and to reduce poverty and minimize the difference in living standards between cities and rural areas, which are being hindered by the poor electrical system.

Design Policy

er supply in response to the rapidly increasing population by solid growth of commerce and industry. For the design of electrical equipment for the realization of stable power supply, the present situation of Kawasoti area, where economic growth is highly expected as one of the largest settlement areas in Nepal, shall be considered.

The long term sustainability of the project and maximum benefit from the implementation of the project is aimed at by keeping the cost to a reasonable level.

Kawasoti substation layout
Kawasoti substation layout

The site of the new substation is to be adjacent the 132kV transmission line power source and transmission line work will be minimized. The substation is to be constructed at the load center so that the decreasing voltage drop and transmission losses can be realized efficiently.

Involuntary removal of inhabitants and public facilities shall be avoided as much as possible.

Regarding the composition of the substation, the existing 33kV transmission line grid will be connected to the 132kV grid to create the distribution system and make it possible to extend the area to benefit along the east-west highway to the maximum extent.

Transformer capacity will be determined so as to cover electricity demand for at least 10 years after 2005.

he confirmation of transformer capacity, which is the main equipment to be supplied by the Project, shall be made after sufficient analysis and study of recent trends in electricity demand of Kawasoti Substation and the demand forecast made by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

Title:Design study for construction of new substation in Kingdom of Nepal – Japan International Cooperation Agency
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Design study for new 132/33/11 kV power substation in Kingdom of Nepal
Design study for new 132/33/11 kV power substation in Kingdom of Nepal

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